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POPSUGAR Must Have April Box Final Days

Only 100 April POPSUGAR Must Have Boxes Left — Sign Up Now!

There's still time, but just barely, to sign up for our POPSUGAR Must Have box in time for the April shipment! We're celebrating Spring with some of our favorite items, both classic and new discoveries, in fashion, beauty, home, and more. Sign up now, and for just $35 a month, receive our monthly shipments of editors-picked Must Have items right to your door. Find out all about past POPSUGAR Must Have boxes on our blog, and learn more about why you should join!

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MichelleChan91430 MichelleChan91430 4 years
The April box was the first box I recieved (of a 3 month subscription), and I am so underwhelmed (and can't believe I paid for this). Kai fragrance oil would never be worth what the reported retail is, and there was nothing in that box I would use. Tatcha papers was the only remotely classy brand in the bunch, and since I'm not an oily-skinned person, who likes strong white florals or would wear a cheap bracelet this box was lost on me. Many of the items would be free samples or picked up cheaply at somewhere like ROSS... seriously I have given most of the items away and am trying to find the right 'owner' for the other items. My husband was there when I opened the box, and was please to see a chocolate bar.... until he saw the word Quinoa!
rebeccamarietta rebeccamarietta 4 years
I've already gotten the box. Here is what I thought:
Kristin14390411 Kristin14390411 4 years
Oh, and I don't read the spoilers. It's like seeing your parent's Christmas list as a kid.
Kristin14390411 Kristin14390411 4 years
Love it, Love it, Love it. Thank you!!! I already can't wait for May's box!
caswanson76 caswanson76 4 years
I agree...I haven't gotten my box yet but I couldn't avoid reading the spoilers and now I wish I had waited for the May box. This is my first box and I was so looking forward to it after regretting not getting February and March. I'm not sure if to take the risk on May now. Do the ladies of Popsugar ever respond to these overwhelmingly negative comments? Maybe offer a discount on next month to keep us loyal?
leoannlarie leoannlarie 4 years
I am so in LOVE with the Kai fragrance! Gardenias are my FAVORITE! The Quinoa bar was yummy and the other objects in the box were...bleh... The Kai fragrance itself is valued more than what I spent for the box! So, I guess another way to look at it is I paid for the fragrance and got some other goodies thrown in there.
Shab2474070 Shab2474070 4 years
wow...shocked at all the haters. I LOVE my bracelet, everyone has been asking me about it. can't get enough of the Kai fragrance, i have always been a huge fan of that brand and thrilled I can actually take it with me when I travel - airport security can't take it away! Thx Popsugar....don't listen to the negative reviews, keep on giving us fun products to try out, love the variety!
brookechanelxoxo brookechanelxoxo 4 years
I too am very disappointed. This was my first and last box. Wanted to love POPSUGAR, this is a total BUMMER!!
misstippa misstippa 4 years
Agreed. I like everything in the box, but it is very underwhelming.
Melissa14386389 Melissa14386389 4 years
I think you guys are being too harsh! I actually love the fact that POPSUGAR was trying to be "green" with the tote and I love the Kai fragrance oil! That alone retails for almost $50!! They consistently do great boxes so not every box is going to be a hit with everyone.
Rebecca14383601 Rebecca14383601 4 years
Very dissapoinut
jessegian jessegian 4 years
And can someone tell me how to opt out of this crap without canceling my credit card?
jessegian jessegian 4 years
TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!!!! I am going to cancel immediately and I suggest anyone subscribing do the same.
ELM2707 ELM2707 4 years
This box was a complete waste of my money. I am canceling. I am disappointed, and I agree, Popsugar is CHEAP.
sexyshay84 sexyshay84 4 years
Disappointed!! I want a box like Septembers box!! It seems like u guys have gotten cheap!
1Samanthawang 1Samanthawang 4 years
super disappointing especially since this is my first PSMH box.. possibly the worst out of all of them
Christina14375727 Christina14375727 4 years
Honestly from everything I heard so far, this box isn't amazing at ALL. This is my first box too and I didn't even get it yet but I'm seeing what everyone got and I kinda almost just don't want my to come. I'm mean seriously a laundry tote??
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