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MSucre MSucre 4 years
I loved the December box. I have used my mugs every singe day since I opened the box. They keep my coffee and tea incredibly warm. The tea is delicious. I'm almost finished with it, even though I've been hoarding them/ using each bag for 2+ infusions. I gave the minimergency kit away for a gift exchange. It was a big hit! Just loved this month's box!
epaau epaau 4 years
This was my first box, and I was highly disappointed. Ended up re-gifting most of the items in the box. Not sure if it is worth it to continue my subscription, especially since my first box was not what I had hoped it to be.
ccabana ccabana 4 years
I loved
cbf123 cbf123 4 years
I still have not received my December box. I have sent to two emails to pop sugar and only received the standard "we try to get back to you within 48 hours." I sent one email on 12/19 and one on 12/23. I also contacted Fedex as my box shipped but never arrived. They also told me to contact my merchant as the box could not be located. I am hoping to get a response soon and it seems concerns are being answered here faster than my emails so if anyone from popsugar is reading, I really would like an update on my box. Thank you.
Community-Manager Community-Manager 4 years
@rebeccamarietta thanks for your blog post on the Dec. box. As mentioned above, you should only receive one soap, not two - hope that clears any confusion. We're sorry that your box was damaged, but it sounds like it was just the Bodum mugs which were replaced for you? Please do let me know if you have any other concerns with your POPSUGAR Must Have box.
Community-Manager Community-Manager 4 years
@Robyn2, thanks for your inquiry and it's actually just one soap that is suppose to be included in the box (the confusion may be that there are two different kinds of soap but only one per box). Can you please confirm what error message you're receiving when you contact and what browser you're using? Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
rebeccamarietta rebeccamarietta 4 years
Here is what was in my box: It was damaged during shipping and I was missing a soap. I still liked everything inside, though!
Robyn2 Robyn2 4 years
It says you are supposed to get two soaps. I just got one. Tried to send note through contact page but keep getting an error. I did read ther posts saying some people had received incomplete boxes previously...
Community-Manager Community-Manager 4 years
@Jlj7127 thanks for sharing your feedback which we will be sharing with our team. We are continuing to enhance the POPSUGAR Must Have experience for our subscribers, and hope you look forward to your next surprise box. If you have any other questions or additional feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks!
dapperette dapperette 4 years
My roommate gets Birch Box and she received a $50 Rent the Runway giftcard in her monthly box and she only pays $10/ a month for that box. That being said, as a frequent Rent the Runway customer getting $30 off a rental is a pretty good deal. Yes RTR offers codes weekly but most girls are not renting the $125+ dresses to get more than $30 off the dress and it says that this is a gift card so I would assume you would still be able to use an offer code with a gift card.
IlonaJ IlonaJ 4 years
Various monthly subscription boxes keep giving out the rent the runway codes, and they need to stop. You can't combine them and many people don't find this as a particularly useful giveaway... Stick with things like the jewelmint code last time... much better deal!
nylorac nylorac 4 years
I actually thought this was one of the best boxes so far. I loved the Tea Forte pack and mugs and I've been using the mugs every day since I got them. Also, since it is the Xmas season, and I have a lot of beauty products already, I regifted the soap and my recipient loved it! Thanks, Popsugar!
Jlj7127 Jlj7127 4 years
This box was a huge disappointment, especially the Rent The Runway code. You get deals from them just for signing up on the site without the code. The shipping is very high and this was a complete waste. Shame on you PopSugar.
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