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millerseppi millerseppi 4 years
Thanks for another box full of crap, PopSugar! I'm super excited about the scrap of JoAnn quality fabric with a ribbon attached to it... something anyone in the world could make for $10 and 10 minutes of time, but it's valued at $84, awesome! And all the companies you deal with and get products from are real gems... by which I mean rude as hell with no interest in good customer service. Oh, and you know what else is great? How all the coupons you keep including (and have the nerve to use them to count toward the supposed $100 value of the box) wouldn't even put a dent in the price of anything you could even buy with them in the first place. You know these boxes are real "must haves" when people can't even get $10 for them on eBay. Why buy one for $35 when you could buy them for a few bucks from one of your hundreds of unsatisfied customers trying to recoup their wasted money? Congratulations on getting my $140, you've got my money but now I can't even think about your website without gagging because of this scam of a subscription program.
rghernon rghernon 4 years
I love the lip stain & pantes!! I was not thrilled about the towel wrap.
Yamigonz Yamigonz 4 years
I love it.!!!
Community-Manager Community-Manager 4 years
@ mjasie, if you haven't already done so, please reach out to so that our team can follow up with your sizing issue. Thanks everyone for taking the time to share your feedback with us, as we are listening! ;-)
greenflipflops greenflipflops 4 years
loved this box!! Especially the lip stain!
attucci attucci 4 years
This was a great box, loved everything. Even the things that didn't suit me made great gifts. Keep 'em coming!
sarahjura sarahjura 4 years
This was one of my favorites!
Lilmissandrea Lilmissandrea 4 years
I expected a little more I love January box more but a lot of the stuff I received from this months i re-gifted
mjasie mjasie 4 years
I was disappointed ,too! I am just the opposite----everything was too small for me! We cannot all fit into the same size panties and that was really a foolish choice for a box going to hundreds of people. I was excited to get the lipstain, as I have several already and then bummed when I saw such a non-existant color choice! Please "MUST HAVE BOX' , PLEASE LISTEN TO US, AS WE WILL ALL BE DESERTING! I have gotten all of the boxes, and this was worse even than the "special edition" Christmas box for $100!!
graldi19 graldi19 4 years
I was really disappointed with this box :( - I've received them every month and I always love them!! I already read the book and the undies and robe were both huge. One size does not fit all. I ended up keeping the lip stain and giving the rest to my mom. Hopefully next month will be better!!
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