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ladyrox1981 ladyrox1981 4 years
This box was seriously disappointing. One of my new year's resolutions was to cut back the (spending) fat so I cancelled before January shipped. I have never been so happy about that decision because this box sucks. Doesn't pretty much everyone and their mom own a stability ball by now... and if you don't who's paying more than $10 for one? And don't get my started in that watch; it's atrocious. I know tweens who wouldn't be caught dead wearing it, let alone women more than twice their age. The rest is just a bunch of cheap food that can be easily found in any grocery store/Target. It's no wonder that the box is no longer back-ordered and people who sign up today (Feb 2) can still get the Feb box.
kte0603 kte0603 4 years
Disappointment. I am thinking of cancelling the popsugar boxes. I don't need another balance ball, the watch looks cheap, and I didn't even get the casegram coupon. I can go out an get some granola bars and some hot chocolate for less money then I spent on this box. I didn't care for this lip balm, but I did like the the lipbalm that was in the other boxes. I know that they call it a box and not a bag anymore, but I liked getting the bags in the past. The best items for far have been the notepad, shampoo samples, nail polish, wrap bracelet, gummys, scarf and movie tickets. The luxe box was a huge disappointment and not worth the money. I used my coupon for free item on Stylemint, and I had to put cc info in. Then the next month they charged me because it had signed me up on a monthly program (you have to cancel the 1st 5 days of the month or they charge you). In the future, I would like to see less workout dvds, and candles. And I would like more fun little stuff (pens, things I can throw in my purse, nailpolish, lipbalm, bags, cooking tools, hair products, cute office supplies, etc..)
Mellochristina Mellochristina 4 years
I loved the food items in this box. I got to try new things that were delicious without it breaking the bank. I actually already purchased most of the food items again. I HATE when popsugar puts items in the box that aren't necessarily great just expensive. I HATE getting items because of the brand name rather than the quality (ahem bottle of damn soap ahem). New and fantastic doesn't always mean $$$. The ball I liked because I need another "chair" and had actually been planning on getting one. The coupons are still ridiculous. epicuren products just seem like expensive burt's bees products but without the quality of burt's bees. The watch was okay and I need a watch for work so this is going to be my back up in case my real watch breaks. It looks like a cheap kid's watch Wasn't disappointed with this box like with the luxury box and wasn't thrilled. Loved the food items and sort of indifferent to the rest.
covitt covitt 4 years
mswindang mswindang 4 years
I agree. Very disappointing.
staciajackson4 staciajackson4 4 years
I was really disappointed with this month's box. It felt similar to KlutchClub or one of the other health boxes. I can understand the theme but I didn't find that this box held up the value of some of the other boxes. It was basically a medicine ball, a few samples, and a gift card. Not really worth it to me.
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