Phew, it's been quite the day of Paris. From learning the surprising news that she was released from jail early this morning, to hearing the press conference about it, to getting a lovely statement from Paris herself, there's been no escaping the story. So here's an update.

You'll be happy to hear (heh, maybe) that Paris has received her first visitors to her house arrest -- her parents, Rick & Kathy Hilton. According to Extra they're "very happy" and "glad to have her home." I assume her friends will start filing in to hang out at chez Paris tonight.

Not everyone is as happy as the Hiltons, however. City Attorney Rick Delgado released a (lengthy) statement about the situation. Here's an excerpt:

Today I was extremely troubled to learn that the Sheriff's Department has decided to release Ms. Hilton from custody just three days after she was admitted to county jail.

My office was not advised of this action. We learned of it this morning through news reports, just like everyone else. Had we been provided with the proper notification, we would have opposed the decision on legal grounds.

Now we've learned that Delgado has filed an official motion for Paris to return to jail and finish out her sentence. Well, someone wants attention. Whatever happens with Paris from here, it sounds like it won't be boring!