Bikini-Wearing Paris Hilton Rides a Jet Ski, Denies Pot Drama

Paris and Nicky Hilton were in the lap of luxury as they lounged on a yacht off the coast of Sardinia yesterday. The sisters sported bikinis, which Paris thought was the perfect look for her jetskiing adventure. The weekend got off to a bit of drama, however, when a report surfaced saying Paris had been detained at the airport in Corsica for having a small amount of marijuana in her purse. The heiress denied that any such thing went down, though it was the second pot-related drama in a month after a similar incident at the World Cup. Still, she clearly isn't letting it get in the way of all the fun on her extended vacation, and today she went into town for a fan-filled shopping adventure. Paris didn't make it into the sweet 16 of our Bikini Bracket, but you should cast your votes for a chance to win an iPhone 4.

Lots more of Paris and Nicky in their bikinis so


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Paris is probably too concerned that the life jacket might make her look bad. But despite having such a party girl life, she has aged pretty well.
really, not wearing a life jacket on the wave runner. dummy.
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