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Was Paris Let Off Too Easy?

Dave got people chuckling last night with his Top 10 Signs Paris Isn't Doing Well in Prison, but many don't think it's a laughing matter, especially since she was released so early. Evidently they let her go on account of her fragile mental state but others think she was given preferential treatment. What do you think -- was Paris let off easy?

UPDATE - on behalf of Paris, her attorney has issued the following statement: "I want to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and staff of the Century Regional Detention Center for treating me fairly and professionally. I am going to serve the remaining 40 days of my sentence. I have learned a great deal from this ordeal and hope that others have learned from my mistakes."

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Basma Basma 10 years
Yes - If Martha Stewart can make it so should Paris.
roxy_babe7542 roxy_babe7542 10 years
Paris shouldn't have got out of prison to spen the rest of the time at home. she has a HUGE house and she would be getting pampered 24/7 when she is acually suppost to be serving her last 40 days in prision. i am sooo happy she went back to jail to serve her time. anyway she did the crime she has to do the time. ( even for a paparatzzi )
alieapple alieapple 10 years
HAHAHAHA. I don't think we've ever had an option winning by 3000+ votes !
KAEB06 KAEB06 10 years know Daddy made some phone calls...that's pathetic
betweenxxfreedom betweenxxfreedom 10 years
afcourse he's got a special treatment, she has money! and then they talk shit about her being depressive, while life is hard and no one else wouldn't got the treatment she's got and normal people also don't have a swimming pool in her backyard, well she really has a "great"punishment. for everyon's sake just drown her in that damn pool so we're lost of that stupid goat or just like Pinkprincess said, lock her up in acage and loose the key
cari907 cari907 10 years
mental state? wtf?
tralalala tralalala 10 years
Death penalty?
woodycakes woodycakes 10 years
that was way too easy. house arrest isn't even real. she needs real time.
DollyDolla DollyDolla 10 years
Two words......SPOILT.....BRAT! Who does she think she is? Little miss Princess shouldn't break the law and expect to get away with it. Hope she goes back in !
cmkay cmkay 10 years
does this mean that if i drive drunk next month and then drive again the next day with revoked license, i can get out under "medical reasons" too? yay for paris. please, go back to jail.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 10 years
lol im watchin ET right now and judge judy was saying if paris was in her court room she wouldn't give her special treatment and tell her something like "beauty doesn't last forever, dumb does, get a job and get a life" lol a lil harsh but in a way she's right
ckw ckw 10 years
Anybody who tries to defend Paris wasting your time it's such a high profile case I think they have been very careful and just especially because all the media have been following this case they made a big mistake accepting her reason for house arrest. They had every right to keep her behind bars. ENd of story.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 10 years
she is SPOILED that's all im gonna say im sick of her, if u think she's not spoiled thats like saying u think nicole richie is fat
ckw ckw 10 years
Paris' career is over, she is very HATED!!! Unless she does serious public service.
ckw ckw 10 years
Precious, it's cleared that she got special treatment she violated twice she can be put behind bars, why are you defending Paris the jerk, you are not defending the law, the law is just, not the people who practiced it.
ckw ckw 10 years
She violated the law twice, they could throw her into jail, it's the law. She is a spoiled brat, end of her character, she has almost no character, her parents probably gave up on her already since she is 26 not 25. So anybody even tries to defend her I think the law was really fair to her until she cried her way out of jail.
bibiruby82 bibiruby82 10 years
Deba, while it was because of "mental issues", it doesn't mean she's an idiot. Maybe she did have some mental issues, but only her and her doctor(or was it the prison doctor?)know the actual answer. It has noting to do with humanity/or inhumanity whatsoever, nor is Paris a retard(contrary to popular belief), even though I do detect a hint of sarcasm in your reply, but still. I think she was let off too easy, and I'm a Paris Hilton fan too, for only spending 3 days behind bars. ***Alert*** The judge who presided over her case has ordered her to return to prison.
1missy 1missy 10 years
No respect.
bibiruby82 bibiruby82 10 years
Lindac, precious p was NOT calling any of you lot ignorant and small minded. All she stated was the fact that so many people(whether it be on here or anywhere else)think they can be the judge of a situation like this without having the entire facts or even knowing Paris Hilton at all(and no, I don't know Ms. Hilton personally but then again, I never acted as if I knew anything about this at all. All I did was speculate without even knowing the truth[even when doing so, I made sure that I conveyed that these were just gray areas I was bringing up] at all) in addition to thinking that they knew Paris Hilton and the situation she's in via. the media was ignorant and small-minded. She never called anyone here ignorant and small-minded. You've put words in her mouth when all she did was point out the fact that people in general think they're entitled to be the judge of a situation entirely with no concrete facts and without knowing Paris at all to back up what they're saying. However, I am very well aware of the two-tiered(not to mention racist and socioeconomically discriminatory)justice system we have. Maybe people should instead use this case as maybe a way to make drastic changes to ensure that the system is fair for everyone regardless of race, religion or socioeconomic status instead. Surprisingly, you're hearing this from a Paris Hilton fan, but I know when to keep that separate when it comes to social issues like this.
Deba Deba 10 years
You guys dont understand, she got off jail because she was "mental issues" in other words she is an idiot. It would be really unhumnitary (?) to have a retard person like Paris in jail.
cine_lover cine_lover 10 years
Who said I was not a Paris fan?? I never put you down, nor did I tell you what to think anymore then YOU did on your comment. I reread your comment, and maybe I am taking it out of context, but it still reads to me that you are saying, even if it is at the very least, that we should commend her for turning herself in. Even if you praise someone a little, you are still praising someone. I understand what you are saying, and appreciate you for clearing it up.
bibiruby82 bibiruby82 10 years
cine_lover, I'm not praised for doing so, but if you'll let me explain before telling me what I should or shouldn't be thinking in regards of Paris turning herself in and whatnot, I'll be glad to tell you. See what I typed in parenthesis next to the word praised, moreover, the words I typed in before the word praised? I NEVER mentioned that she should be praised, I said that at the very least. You took it out of context, try reading over the sentence. I agree that in that case she did do what was right, but then again, everyone was expecting the opposite as well. I am very well aware that it is the law, just because I'm a Paris Hilton fan doesn't give those who aren't Paris Hilton fans carte blanche to put us down or try to explain things to us as if we're idiots.
cine_lover cine_lover 10 years
bibruby, why should she be "Praised" for turning herself in? It is the law. I am not praised every time I wear a seatbelt. Are you praised every time you follow the law? She did what was right, but she should not be praised for it.
bibiruby82 bibiruby82 10 years
I agree with CatarinaBella521 here. However some of it could be that the prisons there are overcrowded as it is, therefore most people who are jailed for a crime like Paris's don't serve all of their sentences. Yet this really isn't the case with Paris, and I'm very well aware of that too. I think she was let off too easy, and this is coming from a Paris Hilton fan you know. I wouldn't be surprised if she had spent a week or two instead of all 23, and maybe then I would've said that she wasn't let off too easy if that were the case. However, the important thing is that she wasn't let off the hook completely, so for those who dislike Paris...keep that in mind. She still has to be under house arrest and hopefully she WON'T violate it, yet at the same time, she should at least be praised(in her case that is)for voluntarily turning herself in to serve her sentence, despite the fact that it was only 3 measly days. Sweetpea54, maybe she was on the verge of a mental breakdown, maybe not. Only her and the psychiatrist would know that, not you, me, or the gossip rags(TMZ included). Just because she's Paris Hilton doesn't mean she's incapable of having a mental breakdown, SHE'S HUMAN.
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