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Is Paris the Next Iconic Blonde?

She sure thinks so. Ms Hilton was promoting her single and in the latest interview she compares herself to Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe. I guess it's good to be confident. Here are two of my favorite quotes from London Sunday Times"

“Because there’s nobody in the world like me,” she says, smiling lazily. “I think every decade has an iconic blonde — like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana — and right now, I’m that icon.”

...“I read these stories about me starting fights and saying stupid stuff. I’ve become a cartoon. Nobody seems to get that how I am on The Simple Life is a character. I even know what a Wal-Mart is (on the show, she asked: ‘Do they, like, make walls there?’). I play dumb like Jessica Simpson plays dumb. But we know exactly what we’re doing. We’re smart blondes.”

She also talks about the sex tape, Stavros thinking Lindsay is "pathetic," and her ex-BFF Nicole. Oh Paris, you never cease to amaze us.

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ClaraBow-It-girl ClaraBow-It-girl 9 years
I agree with Shiloh Jolie Pitt [+] She is sort of an icon, she symbolizes a lot of awful things about this era. I really want to make her go away, Lets start a movement! what do you think?
Imabeliever Imabeliever 11 years
She is not the next iconic blonde. Unfortunatly she is also not the last rich, privilaged, spoiled, egotistical, pathetic talentless excuse of a media whore blond that the world will see either. What a horrible role model she is for women. We are raising a generation of girls who are being set up to fail. Have you had the misfortune of watching Sweet Sixteen on MTV? i was switching the channels and got sucked in. It almost convinced me that maybe it is the end of the world. Let people bash stars like Jolie for their personal lives or their charity work and claim it is self serving. But there needs to be more Angelina's and fewer Paris Hilton's. It's late and I am cranky. Sorry. Good Night.
SugarySweet022 SugarySweet022 11 years
wth...she's no icon let alone can she compare herself to Princess Diana or Marilyn...ugh sometimes she just makes me sick
sparkle_natz sparkle_natz 11 years
Paris will never be compared to Marilyn Monroe & Princess Diana. First of all Diana and Marilyn were two beautiful women, Paris personally looks like a man with a blonde wig to me. Marilyn was a gifted actress and had an amazing voice. Diana was so generous and helpful, she helped others less fortunate. They are both such beautiful women inside and out. And...Paris? Well, you could say she made a sex tape. It makes me sick how she can even compare herself to those wonderful woman!
OMGSHitsKAT OMGSHitsKAT 11 years
She looks gross in that picture. Her hair looks fake. Oh well. I'm not a fan of her.
Britgirl85 Britgirl85 11 years
just to add my comment in only time will tell if we remember her in 50 years that will tell us, and she is looking like she has put weight on but i think that it suits her..
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 11 years
I disagree. i think that Paris Hilton is the new blonde icon, but hear me out. MY definition of an icon is 's figure who is representative of a section of society and exemplifies the highest pinnacle to which that sector of society can rise.' Paris represent the rich, the idle, the shallow and the sexualised. she is a post-feminist poster girl - she owns her sexuality AND is willingly used by men she is richer/more famous than. She represents our disposable society and the idea that 'beauty' is more important than morality and kindness. she is represented on this post alone by a poster who writes only in explettives and cannot make an a valid point beyond regurgitation of the PR driven media machine that has MADE Paris an icon, a poster girl, a figurehead for the despotism of our culture.
JennaV JennaV 11 years
Lol cali!!! I actually share her hatred for Jessica. I did want to tell her that. And Paris's song is less vomit inducing than Jessica's. There....I said something positive.
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 11 years
Jenna, her parents probably made her give up her internet time because she was cursing.
Fashiondiva91 Fashiondiva91 11 years
Or maybe the lil wimp quit or she could have been kicked out
JennaV JennaV 11 years
How come none of the Paris idolizer posts are showing up? Was it because she was very rude and nasty to us?
lickety-split lickety-split 11 years
quoting paris hilton...i fear for you. and her idea of "ordinary" includes underwear WHICH she has been shown many, many times to go without.
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 11 years
Wow, I just read this whole thread. EP you stated my sentiments exactly.
JennaV JennaV 11 years
I am in no way saying the above poster would screw anything that moves. However, there are some very impressionable young girls that may like her for some odd reason and want to emulate everything she does....including obtaining std's.
ladyKt ladyKt 11 years
i do like this this quote though.. "never dress oridinary, lifes too short to blend in" paris
JennaV JennaV 11 years
I know everyone is entitled to look up to whoever...but PARIS HILTON??? The sad thing is, this has to be a high school or middle school girl because no adult woman would have Paris as an idol. Then these girls start thinking she is so great and start screwing anything with a penis.
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 11 years
JennaV, you may be in a fight soon for expressing your honest opinion, LOL.
ladyKt ladyKt 11 years
JennaV JennaV 11 years
Wow. Paris is someone's idol? I hate to sound rude but what has this girl done that deserves admiration? Grow manfeet and hands? Have a lazy eye? A beak nose? Had every STD known to man? She does not deserve your adoration, for sure.
Adriana42 Adriana42 11 years
cutiebaby I can only imagine how ugly you are if you think that someone is jealous of Paris' "beauty"..u obviosly don't know what beauty is..
cutiebaby1012 cutiebaby1012 11 years
i never said i was the classy type and i dont give a shi* about what any of you think of me because you dont know me ad ep im going to defend paris for the rest of my life because shes my idol and no im not on crack and i kno i curse a lot
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
she can defend paris until she's blue in the face. she should just try to go more than one sentence without swearing.
BlackBarbie21 BlackBarbie21 11 years
cursing out other users is not classy either.
BlackBarbie21 BlackBarbie21 11 years
hmm. i see. i understand that we are all here to gossip about celebs, and we may even defend them to a certain extent, but damn. there is a such thing as going over bored cause we know that for the most part they don't give a damn about us. name calling towards other users is not at all called for.
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