Penelope Cruz's lesbian admirers were not taking no for an answer last Thursday night at a party thrown for the cast and crew of Volver. Despite rumors of her budding affair with Orlando Bloom, she was approached by several fans and graciously had her picture taken with all. Here's more:

Drag king Murray Hill came on strong to the Spanish actress at the riotous party Paper magazine threw for Cruz and director Pedro Almodovar at Indochine on Thursday. "They tell me you and I would like each other," said Hill, looking louche in a tan polyester tux and paste-on mustache. "I see you have your BlackBerry," said the fireplug-size comedienne, who stood on a chair. "Let me give you my number."

Cruz, whose relationships with Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey have been the subject of speculation, giggled nervously. But she gamely posed for a photo with her butch admirer, who also introduced her to Dirty Martini (a full-figured, pasty-wearing gal who did a mean mambo) and Julie Atlas Muze (a slimmer ecdysiast who writhed around handcuffed to what appeared to be a severed hand).

Whatever her preference, Penelope was looking pretty in pink at the Volver premiere at the New York Film Festival this weekend. Lots more pics, so