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terrylove terrylove 9 years
If you like the lovely couple so much, you should go and look at Jamon Jamon, the film they made together in 1992, sixteen years ago. You will be entranced by their raunchy/sexy/steemed scenes Javier all over topless Penelope.
sidra5397 sidra5397 9 years
Love this couple!
Aquamarina Aquamarina 9 years
I love Penelope and Javier...they're so hot
Bardem's-Girl Bardem's-Girl 9 years
I love Javier.
fashion4ward fashion4ward 9 years
They could make some hot babies! I always see her reading, that's kinda cool.
robinesque robinesque 9 years
Yes, definitely felt a little "voyeuristic" after the first kiss. But, there you are...
Candizzle Candizzle 9 years
Great couple!
rpenner rpenner 9 years
they're so hot. love it
juju4 juju4 9 years
That second picture is kind of can see the leaves from the tree the pap is hiding behind. It's like the viewer is looking through the bushes at them! I don't mind public pictures, but I think spying is excessive.
white-rabbit149683 white-rabbit149683 9 years
They're both very hot!
chellybean chellybean 9 years
So fabulous. Spanish women will always have a sexiness about them that I don't see in other women! xoxo
clooneywoman clooneywoman 9 years
now this is really hot!
jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
they look so frickin comfortable! that reminds me of my honeymoon when my husband would read and I'd take little naps (slighty drunk) and lay on his sexy is that :) lmfao@ sleeping with Tom....all I know is that "Vanilla Sky" was the strangest, annoying movie and they both got on my nerves...I can't understand anything she says ever and I speak a bit of spanish lol
sparkliegirl sparkliegirl 9 years
These two are hot together!
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
werent they together like a year or two or maybe even three, chucky is plotting to destroy this world
blob blob 9 years
Of course she slept with Tiny Tom...she was with him long enough but not long enought to be robotized like Katie. WHERE IS SURI :rotfl:
lindaloo lindaloo 9 years
I had a very random dream over the weekend and he was in it! :)
Jenny86 Jenny86 9 years
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
mlen mlen 9 years
and sofi- she dated tom for a while. so do we actually know she slept with him? well no. but its a definite probability!
mlen mlen 9 years
i like how they are pretty low key
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
She should hurry up and marry that man before she loses the hottness!
sofi sofi 9 years
aww, they are so cute and lovey! Now do any of us really know if she slept with Tom :?
Marni7 Marni7 9 years
They are so cute together..Javier is def an improvement from Tom's crazy *ss!
Ava-Gardner Ava-Gardner 9 years
What a gorgeous couple.
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