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Are Penelope and Orlando a Good Match?

Last week we told you about the rumors that Penelope and Orlando were starting things up again. We still haven't seen these two out together, but we wouldn't be surprised if this couple was back together. We want to know - Do you think Orlando and super sexy Penelope are a good match?


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KandiQTC KandiQTC 10 years
Personally, I think they are both gorgeous, so, when don't two gorgeous people look good together? f(o_O)
hiddenwings hiddenwings 10 years
push-up bras recently Orlando has been seen with a blond
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
She looks amazing in that dress!
Hope5 Hope5 10 years
I thought she was gay too. Shiloh is right, he looks like a girl.
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
i don't believe either of them are straight...
futonfighter futonfighter 10 years
She needs to stop bearding. And I'd take this more seriously if there were pictures rather than rumours of her and Orlando dating.
Aggie Aggie 10 years
Well.. I'm starting to like them together. Just because I'm not so into Orli anymore.. Sorry Orlando! Lukas Rossi stole me from you! ;) ______________________________________ \Rossi Posse!/
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 10 years
She should be with Salma lmao!! They look better with each other than they have with significant others
Nux-Vomica Nux-Vomica 10 years
No. Orlando should be mine!;) And I dislike Penelope **There's and angel at my table and a devil up my sleave With nothing on- Nothing but a smile
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
orlando looks too young for her, like a man-boy, she needs a man!!!
jadedjocelyn jadedjocelyn 10 years
they look kinda mismatched if they are together..
mrs-nicholson mrs-nicholson 10 years
She needs to stop going out with gay men.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
I'm not sure how I feel about them as a couple yet.
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
Uh those boobs are out of control!
bleu-skittle bleu-skittle 10 years
Hmm...I really don't know what to say about this one...
tharightgurl4u tharightgurl4u 10 years
I cant understand her when she talks
miss915 miss915 10 years
nice boobs
Janeiro Janeiro 10 years
No, he's way too physically weak to be boyfriend material for anyone except maybe the Olsen twins. Honestly, you want a man that can protect you and is respected by other men. Besides, in her interviews, she says she's ready to settle down and have children. I doubt Orlando qualifies. He's too young and looks like a damn manorexic. She wasn't good with either Tom (he of the crazy perma-grin) or Matthew (still acts like a drugged-out 12 year-old). Maybe, Javier Bardem? A man like that.
mississippigirl1 mississippigirl1 10 years
I think she's been taking some lessons on tight dress wearing from her bff Salma. This dress is so tight it even makes her look like she has hips! - heaven forbid!
supergurl supergurl 10 years
I agree w/ Shiloh! He does look like a girl. And what's up with that sorry excuse for facial hair! Matt was way hotter.
Almost-Unreal Almost-Unreal 10 years
I am not a fan of either of them i never like Penelope and I dnt care much if they are together
Soonerbabe Soonerbabe 10 years
How old is she? How old is he?
GolferGirl GolferGirl 10 years
Isn't she gay?
Jillness Jillness 10 years
This is going to sound really odd...but she really knows how to make her chest look so much bigger than it is! In Vanilla Sky she was like a B, but on the red carpet they always look gargantuan. Must be good use of the "cutlets", etc. I wish she would share her secret!
ashleycakes ashleycakes 10 years
Could her dress BE any tighter? _________________________ Zing!!
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