Penelope may have already been in 35 movies, but that didn't stop her from breaking down before she started shooting Volver. What got so Penelope down? Here's more:

''The day before we started shooting, I was crying in my bed from terror. The night before, I called all my family, just to cry with somebody on the phone. And they were saying, 'How can you be scared? You've done 35 movies!' I said, 'This is different.' This is the most complex, emotionally demanding character I've played. I knew the responsibility Pedro [Almodóvar , Volver's writer-director] was giving me, and I didn't want to disappoint him.''

Looks like she pulled it together because the film has received great buzz and recognition internationally. It comes out in the states this November. She showed no sign of terror at all the Volver premieres. Check out some more pics of Penelope at the opening night of Chicago in NYC; just