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Penelope Not Too Bothered by Lesbian Rumors

Penelope and Salma have been BFF ever since Penelope came to the U.S. from Spain seven years ago. The two are often pictured arm in arm and their super close friendship has sparked rumors of a lesbian relationship. Penelope doesn't seem to take the rumors too seriously, and she can even remember exactly how they first started. She evidently grabbed Salma's behind at a press conference while they were promoting their film Bandidas. Here's more:

“I grabbed Salma’s ass just to keep things moving, because everyone was a little slow,” Cruz said while promoting her new film “Volver” reports Australia’s Courier Mail. “And, of course, the energy changed when I did that.”

The speculation in Hayek’s native Mexico is rampant. “There are magazine covers in Mexico describing us as these lesbians because of that,” Hayek said. “A lot of people were saying we were lovers.”

And then there’s the bit about Cruz saying that her “Head in the Clouds” co-star Charlize Theron was her best-ever on-screen kiss — despite kissing then main-squeeze Matthew McConaughey in the flick “Sahara.”

Wonder how Matthew feels about that one!


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