Last night Beyonce opened the show with her sexy shiny mini. Gwen also sported the long leg look but when Carrie Underwood tried she failed miserably. What was the outfit? Other performances included Jay-Z, Snoop and John Mayer. Jamie Foxx performed as well and took home his first AMA for Best Soul-R&B Male Artist. The sweetest moment had to be when he dedicated his performance to his Mom. He said,

"I dedicate this song, y'all, to my mother in the audience, and everyone. I hope you allow me to be myself," Foxx said, introducing a performance of his song "Wish U Were Here" from 2005's "Unpredictable."

Backstage, Foxx waxed poetic about his mother being present. "My biological mother didn't raise me. A lady adopted my biological mother and then adopted me at 7 months," he said. "It feels good to have her see me doing something great."

Stay tuned for a complete list of the winners and even more pics from the event. In the meantime, over 100 pics of the evening including Paris, Nicole and Lionel, Ashlee, John Mayer, Mary J and all the performers so