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Pete Doherty Gives Teenagers Drugs

It is a never ending road to recovery for Pete Doherty. He just missed his own wedding and now he was caught giving cocaine to a teenager in rehab. Will he ever learn? What does Kate see in this guy? Clearly his #1 priority is getting high. It's so sad that now he is even putting other people's lives in danger. Doesn't that qualify for putting someone behind bars forever? The Sun reports:

A security guard saw the junkie rocker — in rehab as part of a bail condition — handing the class A killer drug to a youngster in the dead of night.

Doherty was meant to be under guard in his room during a 10pm to 8am curfew.

But he was not monitored and managed to sneak into the adolescent addiction unit of the North London clinic on Tuesday.

Doherty, 27, was hauled before rehab bosses and told he would be banned from EVERY Priory in the UK if he re-offended.

The drugs were confiscated, his solicitor called and a bodyguard assigned to watch him.

A source said: “Pete’s been drinking in The Last Chance Saloon for years. This is it. He has broken his bail by having drugs and shown contempt for the law and morality yet again. These are impressionable kids addicted to drugs.

“The last thing they need is a junkie rock star turning up with a wrap of cocaine.”

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