Guess what? Pete Doherty was arrested over the weekend again for leading the cops on a high-speed chase in a suspected stolen car. He was released without being charged but now he's telling everyone that he has no intentions of marrying his super model girlfriend. Here's more:

At a gig in London Doherty announced: "I'm never getting married. I don't believe in it. Kate and I are in love - I worship her - but we're not going down the aisle. I'm happy the way it is."

Despite denying he was going to marry in the UK, Pete refused to discuss a Buddhist commitment ceremony he and Kate held in Thailand earlier this month.

When asked about it, Doherty smiled and said: "You know, we're committed."

Doherty, 27, said: "I'm really off the drugs and I'm feeling positive." Kate, 33, was not at the gig - and there was no sign that Doherty missed her as he kissed young female fans on the lips and chatted to the audience.

The couple look happy while taking a stroll by her country home. As for Pete not wanting to marry Kate, we think this may just be a distraction for what is about to come. Stay tuned.