We so don't want to write this, but it seems Pete's rehab might not have helped at all. He just got out of The Priory, and has now been caught buying syringes. Let's hope this report isn't real. We're crossing our fingers Kate will not marry this guy. Here's more:

He emerged on Monday looking healthier than I have ever seen him. But yesterday he was seen visiting a chemist in Dublin to buy two hypodermic needles. Pete was staying at the city’s Morrison Hotel with girlfriend Kate Moss. The supermodel joined him on his sell-out Irish tour, which ends tonight at the Heineken Festival in Waterford.

But yesterday lunchtime, before a gig, he left Kate’s side to sneak out and buy his secret package. At 12.05pm he walked into Health Express chemist in Millenium Ways, Dublin, on his own. Wearing a scruffy white T-shirt and black suit, he left minutes later putting a bag containing two syringes into his top pocket.

Pete looks like a total wreck already. How did he get a swollen eye, and why is he so bloated? It's OK if he put on some weight after rehab, but he looks like he already needs a vacation. Click here to check out how Pete is copying Kate and designing a hip men's clothing line.