• Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's guards got into a fight with a group of camouflaged paparazzi on the family's chateau in France on Thursday; both sides have filed legal complaints. — AP
  • British actor Russell Brand from Forgetting Sarah Marshall has been announced as the host of the 2008 MTV VMAs!
  • Pete Doherty plead guilty yesterday to causing criminal damage after he broke a photographer's camera in August 2007. — PopSugarUK
  • Justin Long withdrew from ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore's film Whip It! because he is so upset about the breakup. — E! Online
  • Despite previous published reports, Diddy says he is not engaged to Cassie Ventura. — People
  • Heather Mills's publicist, Michele Elyzabeth, has quit representing her, calling Heather an "impossible person." — Extra!