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Photo of Jennifer Aniston at Sunset Towers in LA, Talking About a Perfect Relationship Not Existing and Being in Love

Jen Doesn't Need a Perfect Relationship to Make Her Happy

Jennifer Aniston ducked out after another evening at Sunset Towers in LA last night. While John has been busy recording, Jennifer recently returned from promoting Marley & Me in Europe. While overseas, she gave a frank interview about her thoughts on romance, being in love, and what happiness is to her. Here's more:

  • On whether a perfect relationship exists: "I don't have one and I don't think it exists. We are just fooling ourselves if we think it does. Whoever said that every relationship has to last forever? That's hoping for too much. I think every relationship is a world unto itself. The truth is, I'm very romantic. It's a shame that people stop being romantic out of laziness. And communication is vital. People often expect their partner to read their minds and when that doesn't happen, they get upset, then the other person gets even more upset, and it is all because they didn't talk it over at the beginning."
  • On what makes her happy: "I love being in my home. I've been working on my house for the past year and a half, which has been really fulfilling. I love cooking and going out to dinner; I like to watch movies. I also like to take hikes, and I like to take the car and go on road trips sometimes. What makes me happy? Just hanging out. Hmm . . . Sunsets makes me happy, silly things make me happy. A nice bottle of wine with some good cheese makes me happy. Being in love makes me happy."

To see what Jen has to say about family, fame, and her future, just


  • On planning for a family: "Of course I'd like to be a mother some day, and I love children. But a movie like this reminds you that you start your life with expectations and dreams, then life unfolds and it doesn't always turn out the way you'd imagined. Life is what it is. I don't think we have any idea about what the future holds for us."
  • On fame: "I'm still baffled as to why people are so interested in my life. It's so weird – even my dog Norman gets recognized. I'm cutting him off – I've told him, no more Oprah appearances!"
  • On her future: "I don’t really think about it. I have never been a woman who dreams about getting married and having children and having that house in Connecticut. On the contrary, I've always gone with the flow. I enjoy the moment because life goes on while you try to make plans; it's better to make the most of every second. So I just try to live in the present."

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joey8888 joey8888 8 years
Jen want's to be the next bond girl?? Too old, see katie's new hair....maybe..We all age...still love Jen but time to pass the torch...When she married B.P., I'M SURE SHE THOUGHT RELATIONSHIP'S WOULD LAST....RE: Commet she made...
Joanna Joanna 8 years
She looks happy, lovely and seems to be fine. She right, you might as well go with the flow. Plans don't always work out due to death, other people and any number of things. Nothing is ever going to be perfect and you do have to work on it. Why not be happy with what you have and build from there?
MGMT MGMT 8 years
mansiton chin power yayyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!
amandahugginkiss amandahugginkiss 8 years
as a magazine journalist, one who has interviewed a couple of c-list celebs, i can tell you, the pr can't tell the mags how to write the article. the writer and editors include the quotes they want to include and spin they article the way they want. the only thing pr people can do is tell the interviewer not to ask certain questions. and if the pr person is present at the interview, then, they have a lot more power. but once it's recorded, it's done. that doesn't mean pr people don't get pissed off if certain things are included or someone doesn't get a cover when they were promised that (i have seen magazines get blackballed for that), they do, but it's in their best interest to work with the magazines because all of their clients need the press... anyway, good interview...
sourcherry sourcherry 8 years
I agree that it's tiring to hear celebs talking about the same stuff over and over, but that's the interviewer fault. At least she doesn't go into detail and gives fairly vague answers. What annoys me is that people always view Jen's life as imperfect because she's not married and doesn't have kids. Poor her, she's just passing time until she can finally have a fulfilled and meaningful life... Argh, I thought we were in 2009.
lexie4 lexie4 8 years
this interview quotes are older than me. they just took old qotes and said she talked to them, so lame.
remywill remywill 8 years
I think she's great, not every relationship has to end in marriage and kids to be meaningful. I actually think she's been smart, taking time after a very public and painful divorce to date different people, be on her own, whatever.
Miss-Senorita Miss-Senorita 8 years
I agree I like Jen but stop plyaing on that relationship hurt type. I would be ready to move on and talk about other things.
Jengal Jengal 8 years
She can talk about whatever she wants for all I care, it's only an interview. What do Angelina/Julia Roberts/Reese Witherspoon/Drew Barrymore and every other actress in the world get asked about if not relationship, family, love, life and so on. There are only so many subjects that can come up in an interview...
wackydeli wackydeli 8 years
shes being honest and that is she isnt married and doesnt have kids,big deal! good for that really the goal women are striving for? to be little susie homemaker? i thought the 60s destroyed all that bullshit.
marleenguillen marleenguillen 8 years
well @rc4480....I would PAY for an interviewer to NOT ask her about relationships, being with someone, or her sense of fulfillment with her life/man/romantic situation. She's just answering a their questions. I love Jennifer she's very down to earth, not to mention beautiful!
chocolate79 chocolate79 8 years
whether she's happy or not, she knows the best.. but she doesn't have to emphasize in every interview about how HAPPY she is, and how GOOD she feels about herself..
Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 8 years
If the interviewer is asking about relationships, she answers, what's the big deal?! I love hearing about what she thinks about think, myself! She is so real :)
Jengal Jengal 8 years
It was an actual interview with Jennifer Aniston seeing as the Daily Mail is the biggest paper in the UK and Marley&Me is opening there next week. This is just the edited down version. The full-length interview had her talking about all sorts of stuff plus some lovely pics!
Beautiful-Price Beautiful-Price 8 years
ivanka I don't think this article is true. It sounds like a bunch of quotes The Daily Mail put together from the past couple of years. I'm not even going to get worked up about it.
ivanka ivanka 8 years
again? :(
Jengal Jengal 8 years
rc4480 - I didn't get the same impression than you from the article. On the contrary, she's pretty clear that she's not waiting for the perfect guy and instead is happy to go with the flow. I don't think she's being cynical, I think she's a realist which is to be expected from someone who had the fairytale wedding and so-called perfect relationship only to see it all fall apart. I think she's right, there's no such thing as a perfect relationship and those who strive for that will only be disappointed. All relationships have ups and downs, days off and require hard work - all very unsexy concepts... Rossy - you are entitles to your opinions, but Friends is still shown all over the world at any given moment. I still enjoy it and if an episode comes up I will usually end up watching it. I think she's actually pretty great in it but it's the writing that is absolute quality! She lives a carefree life and to some it seems shallow and childish, but it appeals to me. I'd love to have her lifestyle...
rossy rossy 8 years
Is it just me, or do her interviews come across as childish? Is it because those asking the questions see her that way? Reading an interview in a magazine has to be taken with a grain of salt since some mags don't get sit-down exclusives with the star, but depend on whatever they can come up with. - But I've seen her on Oprah, etc. & I'm sorry but she does seem to be treated like an airhead... And I still don't understand how anyone could still watch repeats of "Friends" & not gag. The show lost it's appeal for me halfway through the second season. Agter that, I tried watching it on & off, but only for Lisa Kudrow. Hell, I had friends who joked the show should have come with a warning: "Watching this will give you diabetes!" - It's one thing to blindly adore someone you don't know & believe they can do no wrong, but if she wants more than the roles she's doing now, she needs to grow up.
Idalia Idalia 8 years
I love her interviews and her visions of life. She is right there is no perfect relationship. It takes a lot of hard work to keep it alive. BTW her PR is no different than everybody elses in Hollywood. All these celebs control the way people see them to a certain extent. There are no exceptions to this. They can't control everything, though, otherwise the tabloid woould be printing nothing but good things about celebs.
Beautiful-Price Beautiful-Price 8 years
I didn't even think this interview was true. Wasn't it from the UK Daily Mail?
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
for a second there i thought that she was going to say something about breaking up but i guess not. it's hard to have all these thoughts about how things should be and she's got a good perspective on it. the problem that i have though is that you should strive for perfection, not just accept that it'll never happen. that's too cynical
Amesabelle Amesabelle 8 years
I have yet to read an interview where she is portrayed as waiting around for the perfect man. She has never said anything of the like and she certainly doesn't seem to be DOING that. That thought is only implied on these blogs and on the covers of tabloids. There are plenthy of normally intelligent people out there who buy what is sold to them without using normal common sense and looking at things objectively. And her PR people can't tell the magazine what to write in their articles, people. She and countless others could choose to not answer questions, but why the hell would they when there are a bunch of voyeurs on these sites all day long who want to read all this crap? Present company included.
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
true rc, there's something to all this
rc4480 rc4480 8 years
but jaan - that's exactly my problem with her. she is attractive, has had successful movies, launched an entire hair phenomenon, is independently wealthy....but her story's spun as if she's just waiting there for the perfect man (without whom, of course, her life is unfulfilled and empty). and there's no way she and her PR people don't have FULL control over what these magazines say about her. she is perceived how she wants to be perceived, i'm certain.
shantejam shantejam 8 years
It seems as though she has no expectations in her current relationship which is not good. I wonder how long she's going to continue going with the flow, I mean she's 40 yrs old, not a spring chicken, kids, family all that have to be on her mind. Even if she doesn't want kids, she has to have some idea of where her relationship or whatever she wants to call it will be going. Maybe she's with John to pass time, who knows.
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