• Leonardo DiCaprio's 93-year-old grandmother, Helene Indenbirken, with whom he was very close, passed away in a German hospital. No exact date or cause has been reported yet. — Us Weekly
  • Scarlett Johansson is embarrassed about the stories of her email relationship with Obama and says "extreme sexism" blew the entire thing out of proportion. — AP
  • Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze were spotted kissing after dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles, fueling the rumors of a romance between the two. — People
  • Lisa Marie Presley is expecting twins with her husband, Michael Lockwood, due in the Fall. — Entertainment Tonight
  • Bob Saget says some of his comedian friends went over the line in their crude jokes about the Olsen twins during his Comedy Central roast. — NY Post
  • Jenna Jameson is rumored to be pregnant with boyfriend Tito Ortiz's baby, after having wanted one for a while. — Page Six