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Photo of Madonna and Son David Banda Meeting With His Biological Father Yohane in Malawi

David Tells His Biological Father About Life With Madonna

Madonna confirmed today that she's in Malawi to adopt another child and has been working on the process for over a year. As she waits until Friday's ruling in her case, she brought her son David to see his biological father, Yohane Banda. It's the first time since David left Malawi in 2006 that he's seen his father, and afterward Yohane made a lengthy statement about seeing his son. He said:

"He asked me who I was. When I told him, 'I am your daddy,' he looked surprised. . . It's amazing how David has grown; I can't believe he is the same small and sickly baby we left at Home of Hope. He seems to be a polite boy for he asked if he could sit on my lap. Then he started playing with my nose; I don't know why. He is quite chatty and intelligent. He asked me lots of questions about lots of things. He asked me whether I ride horses. I told him horses are for the rich and he asked me why I am poor. He told me his mum likes riding horses and that he too rides horses. Then he told me a story when one day he and his brother, Rocco, rode horses and fell. He told me his mum spanked him because they are not supposed to ride horses on their own."

To see what else Yohane said, just


"He told me his mum plays music and asked me what I do for life. I told him I was a farmer. He asked what a farmer does and I explained to him that we use hoes to till the land. He told me his daddy, Mr Ritchie, took him to a farm but it had a tractor. I told him in Africa we use hoes. He seems to like his daddy, Mr Ritchie, so much that I was a little sad Madonna broke up with him. I would have loved it if they sorted out whatever problems they had instead of divorcing because divorce is bad for kids. I was very happy to meet David again. He reminds me of the two sons I lost in infancy. I sometimes shudder to think that David could also have met the same fate had Madonna not adopted him. I am really grateful to her for saving David from possible early death. She just greeted me and told me about David's school. She is a sweet lady."



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jenny_r jenny_r 8 years
I don't think the biological dad gets any claims to his kid considering he dumped him at an orphanage. Oh so now that his son is rich he wants to have a relationship with him? Puh-leez. I'm sure this man will keep having children that he can't support and a) leaving them to die or b) dumping them at orphanages. Pathethic. He needs to be neutured!
mar mar 8 years
OMG! I can not even believe some of the comments on here- Why did she not just leave David in Africa and support his family? WTF??? Obviously everyone here is happy, It is totally ok for David to know where he comes from. I have friends that are adopted and they felt more complete when they knew who the bio parents were. I can not believe the critics on this site. Madonna has proven to be a good mom and very stable. Lourdes is Miley's age and look at her vs, Miley COME ON PEOPLE!!! Madonna has been very consistant thru the yrs. Give her a break, please
naked_american naked_american 8 years
So Madonna spanks her kids. GREAT.
cnyc1a cnyc1a 8 years
SoulKey: You really need to get your facts straight before you start blabbing like a case of diarrhea from the mouth. Unless you officially belong to The Malawi government or on Madonna's legal side anything you're stating is information direct from the tabloids.
soulkey soulkey 8 years
i really don't understand why everyone is saying that madonna should have maintained the relationship with david's father. ------------------------------------------------------ Because i truly believe that David's natural father is STILL is legal father, hence, his name David Banda didn't become David RICHIE. All acts, chronology and actions tend to prove that David's LEGAL mother is now Madonna, that his legal father is still Mister Banda and that Richie has some rights like a step father has. Act number 1 : Madonna went to Malawi to adopt a child who wasn't David at first. She saw David who was put there on punctual long period of time by his father after his wife's death, cause he couldn't raised him for financial reasons. Sometimes he took him home but most of the time left him in that orphanage where he could at least been taken care of. Act number 2: Madonna wanted David and she went into a first deal with his father to let him take the child in Europe without passing through adoption process. I believe at first it was on some kind of foster family thing, since Madonna take the child right away before even introducing an adoption grant for him. She evben said that she had the agreement of his father back then. That's why the media lachED out at her saying that she exploited and use the pretense to take the child FOR CARE away from his father first before going the route of adopting. That's why rumors of Richie being mad surfaced. Act number 3, she introduced the adoption papers when she was in the UK with David on a foster deal. She promised his father that he will be better raised with her and her husband, hence Banda senior agreed to let the child being raised with his legal mother in the condition that she keep contact with him and gives news of his sons. Rumors says that he sometimes complain that she doesn't give him news as she was supposed to. Act number 4. David banda is still a Banda and Madonna still maintain contact with his father, and Madonna doesn't blink when he said he is David's father not 'NATURAL' father but FATHER. All this tend to proove that David's legal father is still that Man. That's why Madonna who keeps in contact with him for the sake of THEIR son, should do it properly. She decided to adopt a child who had still a legal father, now she has to deal with it properly.
soulkey soulkey 8 years
Rememebered the first time, it was not about adopting, it was about taking David for a certain period of time. the adoption came LATER. When you adopt, the adoption is done BEFORE you take the child with you. In Madonna's case it was not the case, it came AFTERWARDS. That's why David's name is STILL David BANDA. Because his natural father had a saying in this.
soulkey soulkey 8 years
I think that when Madonna wanted to adopt David, his father had still his rights and that he gave up his rights in the condition that he could still be in touch with his son, that she gave him news about him, ect. I remembered clearly reading that he accepted when Madonna told him that she was married and had a stable family. Madonna had to deal with him and the Malawi sTATE. THAT LITTLE BOY WAS NOT totally FREE for adoption as one of his parent had still some remaining rights. That's the only reason why i believe Madonna keep in touch with David natural father. She gives him news of David because it 's part of the deal setlled between her and him so that she could fully adopt David who, i remind you had still a legal natural father who didn't renounce to his rights when he was put in that orphanage, more like a foster house while still daily visitted by his father. that's the main difference between other children who are totally orphan with both parents either dead, either having renounce to their rights. And that's why Madonna keep in touch with david's natural father, and that's why she doesn't mind him saying to David that he is his father, because she knows the deal. It's all part of the adoption deal made between them. I am convinced of this.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i really don't understand why everyone is saying that madonna should have maintained the relationship with david's father. when there are adoptions in the US, the parents give up rights to the kids and they don't have a relationship. there should be no difference there in this case. Madonna adopted a child, and yes his father is alive, but he still put his child in an orphanage and madonna gave him a better home. i think that people are really being harsh to her, and it's undeserved.
soulkey soulkey 8 years
i personnaly would never accused her for that. people who knows the state of Africa knows that David is now immune to malaria, aids, ^malnutrion, infant death, ect. Madonn did the right thing adopting him. But as she did it, i am convinced that the deal was with her, the Malawi state and the natural father who had some remaining rights when she adopt David. I rememebered clearly the fact that he didn't renounced totally to his fatherly rights by the time Madonna came to adopt him. David was in sopme kind of shelter while still visited by his father. My beef is the management of those links. There is a reason why Madonna kerep those link alive, and the reason lies probably in the deal she has with David's father. Deal means, he HAD rights and is saying in Daviod adoption by Madonna. So either he has no rights and Madonna drop it, eaither there is a hidden deal and Madonna has to do it properly for the sake of David emotional healt
sundaygreen sundaygreen 8 years
Soulkey, I was saying that people are accusing her of being a bad adoptive parent - even when she is doing everything that you suggest (keeping the child in touch with the biological parent etc). My point was that in no way is that EXPECTED of an adoptive parent - no matter where your adopted child is from. And the fact that she IS doing it is a good thing, so I don't get why people get off on criticizing her - people just love to hate Madonna I suppose. Same can be said for Angelina Jolie & her brood. I am South African and I also know a lot of white people who have adopted black kids - but there is a difference between keeping the child in touch with their cultural roots and keeping them in touch with their biological parents...
NickyV NickyV 8 years
i think most people are just a bit nervous with madonna. she has a history of taking on fads and then dropping them like a hot scone when she's found something. it would be heartbreaking to see her forget about these malawi people when she's moved on to something more interesting ie. children's books, yoga i could go on.
soulkey soulkey 8 years
For everyone who is criticizing the fact that the kid doesn't have a connection with his real father - what adopted kid does? The fact that Madonna made the effort to bring David to see his dad is HUGE and very generous on her part. I have two adopted cousins, and they have no relationship or connection with their biological parents. Why does this surprise everyone so much? That's the way adoption works. ----------------------------- In africa and part Europe they are two types of adoptions. I would relate this type of situation to the kind of adoption i see sometimes in France or in Africa where both natural or one single natural parent is still alive and has put the child in an orphanage for punctual financial reasons, still maintaining ties with the kids. Usually the child is adopted but still maintain a link through news or visit or letters from his natural parents, or his other siblings. In most african culture when people had money, an aunt, a relative take the child as his own when his parents die or lack the financial means to raise him. I know plenty African girls in Europe who have been raised by White couple but know where wnad who they real parents are and have been travelling since childhood to see them when the adopted parents kep in touch with the natural ones through letters and pictures. That was the cultural things people used to do at better economical times like during teh colonisation. Also in many african and sout african countries, children live in communnities calling several women (usually their mother and her sisters : mum). I personnally think that because he is one born from a totally other culture and born different and MAINLY since he has the chance to have a father still ALIVE who Madonna, on her own involved in some way at the beginning of the process, then it is better that he at least has an image of that father and keep contcat. Either Madonna cut ties either she does it properly. It's HER and only HER who decided to keep in touch with David's natural father. So she probably had an adoption where the natural father had still some kind of rights before she adopt the little boy, rights he probably dropped in the condition of still keeping some ties with his son. If the mother is dead she put her son in the orphanage and that still gives some rights to the natural father. David was said to be put there but without the father loosing totally his rights as he used to visit his son but couldn't raised him because of lack of money. That's probably the reason why Madonna keep visiting him because she promised him to gives him news of his son and talk about him if he let go of his rights so that Guy could be the legal father. I just think that since it is that situtaion, she must do it properly and make sure that david know that indeed he has two fathers and a bi culture..
sundaygreen sundaygreen 8 years
For everyone who is criticizing the fact that the kid doesn't have a connection with his real father - what adopted kid does? The fact that Madonna made the effort to bring David to see his dad is HUGE and very generous on her part. I have two adopted cousins, and they have no relationship or connection with their biological parents. Why does this surprise everyone so much? That's the way adoption works. There is a reason this kid was given up for adoption - his dad couldn't care for him. It's not like Madonna STOLE him! No matter what the tabloids say! She went through a legal process and has consequently given him a better life. You wouldn't criticize any other person that went to Africa to adopt a child, why do these celebrities come under fire? "Some said that Banda's biological father Yohane did not understand what adoption meant and had assumed that the arrangement was fostering. He said, "These so-called human rights activists are harassing me every day, threatening me that I am not aware of what I am doing." He also said, "They want me to support their court case, a thing I cannot do for I know what I agreed with Madonna and her husband." Madonna responded that Banda had rejected her offer of financial support and preferred adoption."
JennyJo JennyJo 8 years
Why didn't she just help the boy's family, so they could have stayed together and he could have grown up with his natural father. They make it seem as though the only choice was the orphanage or adoption by Madonna. Whereas she has so much money, she could easily have helped that entire family - or the whole village for that matter - to all stay together and for the children to grow up happy and healthy. Now this little boy is her "do-gooder-project" and this somehow makes me really sad.
sabrina27 sabrina27 8 years
I agree, shes making the boy too confuse. He has one set on parents. We dont see Brangelina making visits around the world for their troops to keep in contact with their birth parents.
cdelaney cdelaney 8 years
sad. heartbreaking. totally not a kodak moment.
mar mar 8 years
honestly I see nothing wrong, just the fact that it is a photo opp, that's all. I think David should know where he comes from but Madonna certainly owes nothing to the father or to keep a picture of him around. I think little David is one lucky kid!!!
cnyc1a cnyc1a 8 years
Why is it important for a child that is ADOPTED to have a relationship with their bio-logical child. In America if a child is adopted most of the time they never see their bio-logical parents until they are much older or when they are ready to seek that part out. Why should Madonna be scrutinized over this. The media is out for blood and will do anything to sabotage any good she wants to do. Just because a person is calculating and has a superficial surface doesn't mean that's what is inside their heart ( That's why they are celebrities). The most selfless act is to take in an unwanted child home and love them as your own. Most of the comments here are so blase with tacky comments like "her face looks so fucked up because of plastic surgery". Okay that's open to interpretation. No one questioned Mia Farrow or Kate Capshaw for adopting even Mary-Louise Parker so just back off Madonna.
soulkey soulkey 8 years
And the father doesn't speak English... so how could he say 'all of that public notice' up there. really?!? come on. ----------------------------- Eerr Malawi is a former english colony and part of the 'Commonwealth'. So next to several bantu languages spoken coexist english as the national language used in school and media. So he probably speak english, just like Nigerians, South Africans, Zimbabweans and half of Africa. As for confusion, children can intinger that they have two fathers or mothers, one biological and the other. David is lucky to still have his biological father because like most people, one day he will feel the need to know where he is coming from and why he hasn't the same skin color as his siblings. The younger he still maintain contact with his father, the better it is for his self image perception as a black kid raised in a family where everyone but him is white. If not into travel, Madonna should have showed him pictures of his natural father without negating Guy's paternal rights. Both can coexist easily in a mind child who can admit easily that he is lucky to have two fathers. Adults like to oppose it but not children.
jem2 jem2 8 years
there is something so NOT right about this arrangement!
Kitten98 Kitten98 8 years
This makes me sad. Why is there a photo op of this moment?
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
Phew!!... holding that in for awhile. Couldn't be helped...
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
She could have given his father a job and helped a family stay together. She built a school, so she knows there are options. She has a long history of obsessively taking on projects and now that she's divorced and has a 'unconventional' religion to follow...she needs another kid with a story. If you look at her history from American Bandstand to now... it's pretty sick.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
And the father doesn't speak English... so how could he say 'all of that public notice' up there. really?!? come on.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
David is young, why confuse him with Guy is your dad and this guy is your dad. Tell him when he is a little older and able to understand what is going on. ... I think his skin color not looking like anyone but one of her maids would confuse him enough. In this situation, he should know who his family is, where he came from and some culture to go with it other than my adopted mother is rich but crazy as hell.
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