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Photo of Twilight's Robert Pattinson At a Bar in Vancouver

Robert Pattinson Even Looks Sexy Drinking and Texting

Robert Pattinson only had eyes for his iPhone last weekend as he partied on Friday at Richards nightclub in Vancouver. Despite being surrounded by ladies, he was busy texting and holding his beer. It was a typically busy weekend for Robert, and he capped things off with an appearance at Canada's Juno Awards on Sunday — which is why he had to skip out on the Kids' Choice Awards back in LA. Too bad Pocket Edward couldn't have picked up one of the items on his packed schedule, but for the Twi-hards only the real Robert will do. Hot.

Mmm, we love Robert Pattinson, anonymous comments are open here too — enjoy!


Source/Keira-Anne Mellis

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tdcastan tdcastan 8 years
:) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
kasjs1505 kasjs1505 8 years
:) i love his beanie.
TheCuttiex TheCuttiex 8 years
The girl next to him is like "ohh is him"...and he looks so cute!
fashionXX101 fashionXX101 8 years
:) :)
Betty-oi-oi Betty-oi-oi 8 years
So ya all know CSI right well i got my connects I bet I will be an extra in one of the movies I am actually going to go to the rehearsals so yall probably see me somewhere in the back of the film..HEEHEEE I guess I am kinda lucky ....but again it is a stress full job...
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
dammit i wish i was canadian right about now. i could probably stare at him all day, all night. he's smokin.
nivradmitch828 nivradmitch828 8 years
oh last a picture of him...when was the last time i saw his pic?..still, one hot papa!!!! oh!by the way he texted asking if we could meet up...hahahaha(in my dreams)...
crazywitch crazywitch 8 years
bellasugar...we all want to have some time with him....who knows? might come true....he is just soooooooooooo HOOOOOOT......
spunkyk77 spunkyk77 8 years
wonder who he's
Slave4RobPattz Slave4RobPattz 8 years
if your so happy thats you in the pic then why the anonymity with your comment????????
Slave4RobPattz Slave4RobPattz 8 years
I'll toast to that too divine sally!!!! I can't wait till' little ashes comes out may 8th in new york!!! He's unbelievable in it judging by the clips i've seen. Theres nothing he can't do hes so damn talented!
Divinesally Divinesally 8 years
:love: :cocktail: :drinks: I'll have a drink with you any day, Rob. We should toast to your awesome portrayals of Cullen and Dali.
Slave4RobPattz Slave4RobPattz 8 years
I ADORE how hes always in leather and all in black my goodness if I was there i'd prob. start shedding my clothes on my walk over to him GOOOOOD LORD!!! "TEAM BEND-ME-OVER E D W A R D" FOREVER!!!;);)
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