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Photo and Video of George Clooney on Larry King Live After Meeting With President Obama About Darfur, Jokes About Friends Remake

Clooney Talks to Obama About Darfur, King About Aniston

George Clooney was a little underdressed for the 12 degree weather in DC when he stood on the White House lawn to give a satellite interview to Larry King last night. The actor was fresh off meeting with President Obama and VP Joe Biden about the situation in Darfur. George just returned from his sixth visit to the area, this time joining reporters such as Nicolas Kristof and Ann Curry. With the President of Chad expected to be indicted for war crimes soon, Clooney sees this as an opportunity for Obama to step up and help the affected regions and the people who are "hanging on by the skin of their teeth." He also presented the President with 250,000 postcards collected by Save Darfur. George lightened things up at the end by joking that he was going to star in a remake of Friends, "playing the Jennifer Aniston role." Clooney takes the topic of Darfur very seriously but always finds a way to appropriately let his inner jokester shine through too.

To see the video of his appearance just read more.

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