• Winona Ryder was hospitalized in London yesterday after she became sick on a British Airways flight and the plane had to request a priority landing. Her rep wouldn't comment on her illness, although it is rumored to have been a Xanax overdose. — AP
  • More Project Runway drama arises as Lifetime sues Bravo and NBC Universal, claiming that they have the copyrights to the show and most likely pushing this next season premiere even further. — Hollywood Reporter
  • Tom Hanks's wife, Rita Wilson, is suing a woman who tried to overcharge her for a vintage Beatles poster she was buying for Tom and then wouldn't let Rita back out of the purchase when she raised the price. — TMZ
  • Michael Jackson will travel to London to testify in a trial following a breach-of-contract lawsuit brought against him by a man who said the singer backed out of a music deal with him. — E! Online
  • Gwyneth Paltrow clarified to PETA that she was not aware the fur stole wrapped around her in the Tod's ad was real and that she hopes everyone understands it was just a mistake. — Us Weekly