Bruce and Tracy Are Two Cops Out For a NYC Premiere

Bruce Willis brought his wife Emma Heming to last night's premiere of Cop Out in NYC. Tracy Morgan coordinated his red outfit with the carpet, where the guys were joined by Seann William Scott and Michelle Trachtenberg. Their costar Adam Brody was fresh from LA, though he turned up without his female traveling companion, while Kevin Smith also made it despite his recent airplane difficulties. Tracy was excited to share all about the best part of working on the film, which opens on Friday. "Just to be able to star in a big action movie," he said. "[It was] the biggest thing that I've ever done in my career and it was with Bruce Willis."

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Images include: Adam Brody, Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Seann William Scott, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jane Krakowski, Kevin Smith, Matthew Settle, Emma Heming

Image Source: WireImage
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