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Photos of Angelina Jolie And Knox Jolie-Pitt Together on a Balcony in Venice

Knox Enjoys More Morning Time With His Mom Angelina in Venice

Angelina Jolie and Knox Jolie-Pitt spent another morning taking in the view from their hotel room in Venice yesterday. Knox spends lots of early hours with his mother, after a week full of bird watching and playing with Shiloh just outside their suite. He didn't accompany Angelina during an outing on Saturday, when she brought Shiloh, Zahara, and Pax along for an afternoon at a park with snacks. Their family's in Italy while Angelina works on The Tourist, and she's also apparently in talks to take on yet another new role — her interest in a retelling of Sleeping Beauty called Maleficent has helped Disney's decision in going forward with the project.



Image Source: Splash News Online
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Glamorously Glamorously 7 years
40, I'll admit that I like Angie more than Jen. I'm more interested in Angie's movies. But, I try not to call Jen a degenerate.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
^Hey I was a diplomat brad as well...hence my moniker SandyFeet. I will always have sand in my feet. I've seen most of the world and have met an enormous amount of people from every continent. But the strangest thing is how hateful some of these poster are. It is not hate, jealousy or even envy is totally unrealistic that someone they don't even know can manifest this kind of behavior it is amazing and sad. Live and let live but these posters can not get their heads around that concept. The worse is FF, the theories they can come up with is baffling and crazy and that some people can spend the entire day making up stories and actually believe them.
Glamorously Glamorously 7 years
It is funny how one blog and its reader favor certain celebs. This blog and its readers obviously do not like Angelina. I, personally, love her. She's beautiful, smart and generous. The fact that she's totally open about her past and the choices she makes just makes her more human. She isn't trying to project this image of being totally together and perfect. We know all the mistakes she makes. Like no of you have ever made a mistake? Just because she chooses to live a life that is off center is no reason to hate her. Aren't we supposed to embrace the differences? I grew up as a diplomat brat. My dad had the family moving because of work. Personally, I loved it. It was after the age of 5 or 6 that we settled down in one place. I was bored and I always joke that after age 6 my life got boring. So, different strokes for different folks.
anya82 anya82 7 years
knox seems to love the view but I guess the backlash is gonna force him to be locked up indoors. haters happy now? and when is it appropriate to verbally attack children? i thought this site is predominately female, therefore making for a more mature community. guess i was wrong.
Betty-M Betty-M 7 years
Those poor kids, constantly being carried onto the balcony for their photo op.
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