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wllingren wllingren 9 years
Sorry - but she looks creepy - that ugly tatoo on her back and those skinny arms -
joshjust joshjust 9 years
i just think the world of brad, he has never had any thing negative said about him in his entire career, that says a lot, because we all know he could have, after all, it's brad Pitt, he gets in this marriage with the right intentions of making a family and what happens, his wife is not interested, what's a man to do, Jennifer forced brad out of that marriage, but it was a blessings in disguise, look how happy brad is.
babygal14 babygal14 9 years
she looks the same she's one of those lucky pregnant people who don't gain weight anywhere but just have a bump at their belly, but she probably worksout
Debbie13 Debbie13 9 years
I think Brad and Angelina deserve each other. They are obviously both weirdos. Angelina's body is so strange. Her arms and legs look like a skeletons, nothing attractive about that at all. Tori Spelling looked better pregnant in a bikini than she does and I think that says it all. I'm glad Jennifer is happy now and with a much better looking and younger guy. And all of you younger women who have a million tattoos, you will be sorry when you get older. Especially on the beach, it looks disgusting. I just don't understand all the people that continue to praise Brad and Angelina. People who cheat are on the bottom of my list. I believe they will get what they deserve in the end. Once a cheater always a cheater.
erinleighralph erinleighralph 9 years
She's gorgeous and they seem like loving parents. What more should people contribute to the world? So she's wearing a bikini. So she has tattoos. Whatever. They also give millions of dollars to NGOs annually and make a new generation pay attention to our global community by committing their time and energy to changing processes on an enormous scale. *shrug*
Mellissa724 Mellissa724 9 years
Ok..didn't read all the comments so the epidural question has already been answered..duh on my part. Now let's talk about the ignorance of the "tramp stamp" remark. Ugghh!! Where to begin!! I'm so sick of people making judgements about things they know nothing about! Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, and Angelina's were done with a single needle, which is the oldest, most traditional way to get a tattoo. That is her art, her way of expressing herself. She has more than one tatto on her back which I'm sure represent meaningful and spiritual things in her life. You probably express yourself by going to the mall and buying an outfit, wow..if that works for you. When you learn to fly a plane and become an ambassador to the UN, then you can trivialize her tattoos with your redneck jargon. Shish..I don't even like Angelina that much, but I dislike narrowmindeness even more!
Mellissa724 Mellissa724 9 years
I'm so excited that all of the tatt haters are probably hunkered down with below average looking men, while the tatted women such as myself and others, get all the hunky fun guys!! That being said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so get over it. They aren't your tatts and thats not your body, although I bet all of you wish it were..tatts and all. For all of those women making intelligent commments besides "eww", I am a very tatted woman who has had an epidural..."don't believe the hype"! I had an epidural and a spinal. Me and baby..ok toddler..are fine!
Yes you can have an epidural if you have tatoos on your back. I'm an OB nurse and we do them everyday. If every woman that had one couldn't have an epidural there'd be alot more screaming on my unit. There are a few reasons people can't have an epidural but tatoos aren't one of them....sorry if that's been answered but didn't read through every comment.
benho2005 benho2005 9 years
jude-c, you can't have an epidural if you have a tat on your back? But you get lazy for sure ,that happen to my daughter.
BossLadyJ BossLadyJ 9 years
I'm so sick of hearing about these two! Angelina is highly over rated!
young08 young08 9 years
In regard to the no epidural if you have tats on your back...That is so Not True. I personally have two tats on my back that cover about 65% of it and I had an epidural when I gave birth in January. They had no problem giving me one and should have no problem give Jolie on if thats what she chooses to do. Not to mention my sister gave birth in April and she also has a tat that cover her lower back. No problems with her epidural either.
ranee ranee 9 years
Angelina has such a pretty front and such an ugly back. She just looks nasty from the back. Her tramp stamp seems to keep moving up.
Karma87 Karma87 9 years
I love them both! I think she wears her husband quite well! I wish I had him when I was pregnant! What fun LaMaze would've been! Ha! I just saw her on Inside the Actor's Studio, it was from a while ago...but they so compliment each other very nicely nonetheless.
mazzybluz21 mazzybluz21 9 years
i LOVE that this site has spell check because i can NOT spell :( sad lol
mazzybluz21 mazzybluz21 9 years
i have a huge tat on my back and i was able to get an epidural no problems. it may be something that varies from doctor to doctor..... who knows. i'm just glad i was able to get mine :)
Sailormoon88 Sailormoon88 9 years
A lot of obbsessive people...who cares! I love them both and I think she looks fantastic for carrying twins!! She always looks great....
Deba Deba 9 years
So.... J. Aniston is not mentioned on this threat at all neither there are pictures of her.... so why are we talking about her??? :OY: APPLES AND ORANGES!
raptinrainbows raptinrainbows 9 years
whoa!!!! jumping back in just to say that's a pretty sick and twisted hope! it speaks volumes.
marker marker 9 years
i dont like or respect either one.jen is so pretty.angelina tries to hard,you can see deception in her stupid smile.and why go to other countries to adopt.we have beautiful babies ,kids here.and our country is in need of help,why go elsewhere.she must dislike america alot. brad is a wuss. he;s not a man,he couldnt even say ;;look,im in love with someone else, he lets angelina pull himm around by the nose. now shes popping out kids thinking that will keep brad from jen.come on,im hoping he will actually become a man.but i do feel sorry for the babies. jen is cute and down to earth.and she once said that if she couldnt have kids, she would adopt here in our country,just like cheryle crow has done,kudo's to all who do this.i hope they have only the worst between them.
Sikla Sikla 9 years
I just came again to see how many people were here to see angelina in a bikini and I had never seen something like this!, more than 140,000 views!! Yes, we are obssesed.
Ativan Ativan 9 years
Angelina holds an honorary Cambodian citizenship due to her humanitarian efforts. Usually you can only hold dual citizenships if one you're born in one place but reside in another. In the world only 6 honorary citizenships have been given and 1 was to Angelina from Cambodia.
raptinrainbows raptinrainbows 9 years
i wasn't going to address that history, but, what the hell. YES, madd is learning about his native language, culture and history. she took him to cambodia not too long ago so that he could see the work of the foundation she established in his name, and has said that she wants her kids to know about and appreciate where each came from.
historymystery historymystery 9 years
Apparently she has a home there, and she does hold citizenship herself, so I'm going to guess that yes, Maddox IS learning all about his own language and culture.
lilmrsrenzi lilmrsrenzi 9 years
You can get an epidural with a Lower back tattoo I have one that is in memory of my brother on my lower back and I had two Epidurals with that tatoo right there. Lucky Angie to be having twins I want twins so bad..
friendss915 friendss915 9 years
oh GOD, Angelina looks disgusting. yuckk with all the tattoos and stuff, just gross.
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