Angelina Jolie looked casually pretty at the premiere of Gran Torino in LA yesterday. She continued her streak of giddy behavior, which is still a bit of a surprise but that's nothing really compared with the peek-a-boo at Monday's Benjamin Button premiere. On that red carpet she had nothing but praise for Brad's movie saying, "I'm very, very proud. Mainly, I have seen everyday he went to work just how hard he worked, how hard the director worked, and Cate -- and just how dedicated they were. It's been a big process; it's a very trying film. So, I am just so happy that it came out so beautifully and their work is going to be recognized. . . I cried, it's so beautiful. It's so touching. It's lovely; it's just a wonderful picture." Both Brad and Angelina have buzz-worthy movies this year so we'll start to see what kind of recognition they'll get tomorrow when the Golden Globe nominations come out bright and early.

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