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Photos of Angelina Jolie, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Wearing a Tie, Smiling Zahara Jolie-Pitt at French Grocery Store

The Jolie-Pitt Girls Are Ready For Their Closeup

Angelina Jolie returned from her trip to Syria and Jordan and headed to a French supermarket earlier today with a tie-wearing Shiloh and an incredibly smiley Zahara. It was a big Jolie-Pitt weekend with the rare Knox and Vivienne sighting for the first time since January. While Vivienne is already taking after Shiloh in the looks department, we'll have to wait and see if she develops her older sister's love of dress up.



Image Source: Splash News Online
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SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
Shiloh has HER own style and expressing her own individuality and that is the most important thing. She is not a Suri wanabe.
Sophie827 Sophie827 7 years
Gosh those 2 are growing up fast!
Liss1 Liss1 7 years
Thanks Mamasitamali :) I just thought that comment was really nasty i guess i should have flagged it also. It's bad enough some people are racist but to say things about a small child is just wrong.
hkd hkd 7 years
AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Zee is really blossoming into a little beauty! Love those polka-dot galoshes of hers in the supermarket! Very 60's pop-retro!!! I bet she's gonna grow up to be a megastar designer, like Coco Chanel!
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
Liss, I flagged some of the really hateful ones, sorry if the flak is directed at you now :)
Akasha Akasha 7 years
I don't exactly get people making fun of Shiloh for wearing boy type clothes. At her age I think I went through months of not wearing anything even remotely girly, as a matter of fact I almost refused to take off the Lederhosen my aunt had sent me from Austria. This was followed closely by the I must add a tutu to every outfit my mother put on me including pajamas, and then came the Little House on the Prairie look (bonnet included). I think it's great that the kids are left to express their creative sides, instead of being dragged around looking perfect in Burberry.
Liss1 Liss1 7 years
Funny, they deleted the comment and i am now comment #26 :)
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
cute girls...I don't know if I'd let my little girl out in a neck tie...I'd probably recommend a bow tie and cumberbund instead lmao
laaleen laaleen 7 years
Z is copying her mom and S is copying her dad. Cute!
glamoured glamoured 7 years
Oh well... i didn't know this was a sarcasm-free zone. Never mind. Carry on.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
There was a time when the "Annie Hall" look was in, maybe Shiloh is bringing that look back. I really like that the children are free to express themselves and have individual personalities not the cookie cutter look, that is so refreshing. They are always holding hands it is so nice to see. As far as Angelina svelte figure, her metabolism must be very active to keep her from gaining weight, lucky girl. Angelina has always been on the slender side there is nothing new there and I'm sure she has a high caloric diet to keep up with active life style.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
why is Shiloh dressed like Avril Lavinge?
Liss1 Liss1 7 years
Oops, I'm not
Liss1 Liss1 7 years
I hope #26 was a joke. Also the comment above about Shilohs tooth not growing in because all they eat is pizza, how would you know this? Do you live with them? I not even really a big angie fan but some of these comments are just ridiculous!
I wish Angelina would gain ten pounds. Just enough to look healthy. I think the girls look adorable. I'm not a total fan of Shiloh's look, but hey, it's what works for her! I think Zahara looks adorable, and I love her hair. However, I will admit that I don't know the first thing about her type of hair, so I never understand why people get so angry about Brad and Angie not braiding it. Can anyone enlighten me?
zeze zeze 7 years
hahah....I just remembered how some fox anchor (I think) called Shilo a cross's kinda true. They look adorable...but Z's hair, oh my.
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