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The Royals
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Photos of Ashley Greene Filming on the Eclipse Set in Vancouver

Ashley Is in Vancouver, Not New Jersey

Ashley Greene was done up as Alice on the set of Eclipse in Vancouver yesterday, joining her onscreen brother Edward Cullen. Between seeing Robert Pattinson and creepy/cool Dakota as Jane, it's a good day for Twihards — Buzz has even more, including a shot of Alice in a precarious position in New Moon. Unfortunately for fans in New Jersey, they won't see Ashley or Kellan at the Twilight convention today since the shooting schedule is calling for Cullens on set in Vancouver.


Image Source: NPG
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Janne Janne 7 years
I agree
Janne Janne 7 years
Oh my God! You guys think she's fat??????? She's got a perfect body. I agree with some of you, the clothes was wrong. She usually wears something more stylish and perfect for her. I guess you guys also got clothes like that.
twilight92 twilight92 7 years
shes not fat she look great.
roxycarter roxycarter 7 years
I think she looks frumpy coz she's wearing her jeans too high and tops too small
ouibardot ouibardot 7 years
it's just a terribly unflattering shirt... 3 sizes too small.
NickyV NickyV 7 years
sorry one more thing...i can't believe people think that's fat!!
NickyV NickyV 7 years
ummm that's not fat it's muscle. she looks solid!, she's obvs been bulking up for the role, maybe too much!
snslager snslager 7 years
She's absolutely beautiful. Leave her figure alone; there is nothing wrong with it.
Shannikan Shannikan 7 years
SERIOUSLY???? SERIOUSLY??? FAT?? Are u F-ing kidding me? those are the comments that make me want to punch you in the face. Because some little girl is going to see that and think "If shes fat omg i need to not eat and loose weight" come on!!! what kind of example is that settung by calling a PERFECTLY HEALTHY women FAT!!! What the hell! you need to grow up!
Burkina Burkina 7 years
I love you how assume what we think. Ashley is far from fat, so the poster being in worse shape gives a lot of room between that and 'fat'
ktc71 ktc71 7 years
I adore her! She's not even close to being fat!
Burkina Burkina 7 years
Stomache? Nice. Post a picture of yourself, lets see if you're in better shape.
filmgirl81 filmgirl81 7 years
Dragan, thanks for contributing to making women hate themselves.
Dragan Dragan 7 years
I don't know where to start, her arms are fat, visible fat on the sides, her stomache is popping through the shirt (no these are NOT muscles) I remember her shape looking alot better that's why I wrote "she's gotten". You asked for it. And no, not all body shapes are beautiful.
audreystar audreystar 7 years
You know it is such a lovely day to see people hiding behind a computer calling a perfectly lovely looking girl, fat. :oy:
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
calm down, she's not fat - you can clearly see the slight muscle definition of her feminine, but flat stomach through her shirt...however, maybe not the best top but I'll blame the high waist of the jeans...that cut works when you have love handles but if you don't, it can create love handles...I feel like I've proved my point, now - yay! it's Alice :)
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