Ben Runs to Violet's School Before Jetting Off With Jen

Ben Affleck was the one in charge of Violet's school run on Friday afternoon. Jennifer Garner, meanwhile, was busy with re-shoots for Valentine's Day in a familiar outfit after her costars in the film, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift, did similar work just a few days earlier. It was a special week for Violet with her big fourth birthday, and both her parents were in town for the celebrations. Ben and Jennifer were alone on Saturday night, though, when they were spotted together at LAX heading to catch a late flight. The duo popped up yesterday in San Francisco, where they were spotted eating at the Elite Cafe in Pacific Heights.

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Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
Whats up with all the Hollywood A-list man keeping their unsexy beard 1st it was my sexiest man in my whole world followed by my 2nd George Clooney, then it was David Becks and now its Ben. Please guys I know u still look as hot but shave its not a very pleasant sight.
Lovely family. V. has such a cute smile.:)
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