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McMurphy McMurphy 9 years
I just read a couple of articles about Ben hosting this OneXone Event. It stated that Ben has traveled to Africa 5 times in 10 months. He traveled to Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and a few other countries on the continent of Africa. Ben journeyed to areas that government officials warned him not to enter due to dangerous conditions. Ben has been doing this on his on with out all the fanfare of being a celeb. He has filmed much of the data for himself. He has done this in his support of the OneXone foundation. I think Ben is doing a great job. All the pictures I have seen of this event shows Ben involved with the program or engaged with kids. If Ben was on his Blackberry? So what. He was away from his family for this event. He was probably talking to Jen/Violet or Matt. He has done a lot more serious work for OneXone then having to go around giving everyone his undivided attention.
gram5B gram5B 9 years
WHY, no matter what this guy does, it is not good enough. You might have been there and he might have been on his Blackberry, but from all of the pics at Getty, Wenn, and something far different. They show him talking with the crowd, walking around, with the children, picking up some of the children, and on and on. Well, I guess he could have blown off this event and gone to a Lakers/Celetics game instead. Maybe that would have been an unselfish thing to do????? Just because we don't see pics of Jen, Ben and V. does not mean that he doesn't spend time with them. They were on the East Coast for several months, and beside the few pics on Jen and Ben working on movie sets, we saw no pics of them at all. Celebs lives are not played out in still shots that we see. A few minutes of pics, don't a live make.
rpenner rpenner 9 years
Hmmm I'm not too surprised darlinglilred. I've never been too big a fan of his but I started to come around after Gone Baby Gone.
darlinglilred darlinglilred 9 years
Yes he took his work on oneXone so seriously that he spent almost the entire night on Saturday at the event on his blackberry. My friend and I were super disappointed that he would act like such a douche.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
oooh yea he's a humanitarian now! Violet got the man doing a 180 degree transformation! cute pic of violet sarai2020!
CelebFanChatRaph CelebFanChatRaph 9 years
wow thats nice of him
leilani1 leilani1 9 years
he's not cute to me anymore :(
acyl acyl 9 years
Wow, go Ben!
Jillness Jillness 9 years
I think this is very sweet of him!
totygoliguez totygoliguez 9 years
litlle K I was asking my self the same question, you never see him spending time with V, I think that he relies on Jen a lot.
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 9 years
He used to have curly hair I think think he has lost to much weight!!I hope he realizes that!!He is hot!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
hes a cute boy
gidgetgirl gidgetgirl 9 years
His hair looks fake. Toupee?
backfat backfat 9 years
Haha. I was just thinking about how photoshopped the first pic looked so it's funny you say that, BA4ever. I love this family, I just think the pictures look a bit off.
BA4ever BA4ever 9 years
This is why I love this family. She is out shopping, he is doing charity work - no posed crap about Fathers Day or any other fake pictures. They are just living their lives. And if the post is boring, I am sure you can go on another site and find some trash to read that will satisfy your yearning for second hand excitement.
clooneywoman clooneywoman 9 years
aw :) i love when celebs like him head to the charity work but hope it can be useful.
Louie Louie 9 years
Good work for him, but boring post.
LolaDub LolaDub 9 years
CalliopePoppi CalliopePoppi 9 years
and his hair looks a little tom brokaw-ish....... but that's just so superficial of me to talk about when the guy is doing good for impoverished children
little-k little-k 9 years
Why don't we see too many photos of Ben with his wife/daughter anymore?
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
someone needs a hamburger or two. ben affleck is crossing the carson daly "manorexic" line.
sarai2020 sarai2020 9 years
he just looks like such a nice guy :) I think V would love her new hockey jersey ;)
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