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CdnPhotog CdnPhotog 7 years
Cute kiddies, hot dad. :) Y'all hating on the kids ~ please try to refrain from doing so. It's not cool. Go after the parents if you feel you must, but stop hating the little ones. They are just kids being kids and don't deserve to be bullied online by adults.
Glamorme Glamorme 7 years
I think those that wish ill of this family will look for something wrong to point out, but to normal people this is a simple picture of a man playing with his children at the park. cute kids.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
Thumb sucking is NATURAL at this age. Google it and educate yourselves. I much rather see thumb sucking than a child with a pacifier at this age. And does it matter to you anyway they are not yours? All children look healthy and happy why can you not just understand to concept? If you are on this board and you have children this age you are not being a responsible parent. Go and tend to them.
souxie souxie 7 years
This is a working couple. All couples with lots of children and who can afford it to help them out have nannies. There is NO CRIME in having nannies for your children especially when you have to work. Brad and Angelina spend more time with their children than most people who have no nannies and look at the fun Brad is having with his kids. These children know they are loved. They have the best mother and father in their young lives. Thank you Brad and Angie for the love you show not only your own children but the great big hearts you have and helping so many people around this world. Let these people enjoy their lives and their children without all the unnecessary snarky comments. They have done NOTHING to you. God bless this beautiful family and the mother and father who are setting the best examples for their children. Love you Brad and Angie!
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 7 years
5 years old is too old for a child to still be sucking their thumb. how the hell did they manage to allow shiloh's baby front tooth to get knocked out while she was so young? I've never seen that before.
bonbonkero bonbonkero 7 years
Shiloh is very cute and cheerful.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
#11 No Zahara is not to old to such her thumb. Zahara is 5yrs old and it is perfectly normal for a child at this age to such their thumb. We do not know why she does it and when you have the time you could ask her yourself.
Bradphotoops Bradphotoops 7 years
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