After having dinner with friends at Il Cantinori last night, Brad Pitt was out and about in NYC today. We know that he stopped over in Chicago to support Obama, and Brad also found time to chat with his friend Oprah for an episode to be aired later this month. He talked about his family, revealing that Shiloh is going through a Peter Pan phase and that Pax is so rebellious he even once peed on the timeout chair. When asked if there were more on the way, he said, "Probably. It's the greatest endeavor I've ever taken on. Why stop now?" As for Angelina, Brad said that she's "very sweet" and didn't argue when Oprah referred to Angelina as "the love of his life" or asked if Brad is the happiest he's ever been. Sounds like life is good for the whole Jolie-Pitt clan — if only we got more opportunities to see those munchkins and their seemingly hilarious antics.

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