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sima sima 9 years
Awww they are so cute!
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
She looks good..I hope things are getting better for her!! :)
cutiekat88 cutiekat88 9 years
wtf,she need to stop smokin in front of her kids.
cutiekat88 cutiekat88 9 years
she need to workout more.
spunkyk77 spunkyk77 9 years
she's looking good!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Aww thats a sweet picture of Britney and Jayden. But I don't like the other picture of Sean holding her pack of cigarettes while she smokes in front of him. Blech.
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
Alisha, at least for me, it's not that I take HER so seriously, it's that I take her situation seriously. I was actually trying to figure out what her appeal for me personally was the other day, and what it comes down to is that it's not HER per se, but rather ANY Mom or individual person that has been in her situation and how they come out the back end. It could be any mother or person, famous or not, and I'd still be rooting for them and offering words of support all along the way because I choose to see the good in people at all times. I CAN be kind of cynical, but in many ways I'm kind of "naive" in that to me, EVERYone is inherently good and trying hard to do the right thing. Call it looking at the world through rose colored glasses if you will, but I call it choosing to see the best in people. Does that mean that I put myself in danger? No. It just means that I'm willing to give people a chance, and when they start showing that they're making an effort towards the good, then I choose to support them and say "Keep going!" instead of the cynical "Yeah, I don't buy it, there's an ulterior motive."
spicyaroma spicyaroma 9 years
Awwww... I always knew she was a good mother, I love Brit!
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
Wow, you chicks take Britters so seriously. Whew!
Artemis Artemis 9 years
I am surprised at how many people still come to her defense! Personally, I would judge her for smoking around her kids no matter who she was - Brit or my next door neighbor - and I would not think she looked particularly hot, with the tacky hairstyle and the very average body (I think all my friends look better - we all have babies + are ten years older, just for the record). The point is that Brit does not seem to have anything to offer the entertainment world anymore, neither in terms of looks nor hard work, and as such, I just think it would be so much better for her and her boys if she moved away from the paparazzi centre of the world.
dancingnancy dancingnancy 9 years
thank you mykie...i've been saying this all along. britney and her lawyers know exactly what they're doing. OK smoking is bad but that doesn't make her a bad mom. sweet jeebus, A LOT of moms smoke.
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
First, she DID NOT "give up" her kids. She was at a point that it was "Settle or continue to drag them through an ugly custody battle". Those kids deserve normalcy and I applaud her for doing the TOUGH thing and allowing Kevin custody. That's not the beat-all end-all either. If you've ever gone through a custody situation, you'll know that the arrangments can change from month to month or year to year. I have a friend going through it right now. 6 months ago she had full physical custody of the kids. Then, her ex decided that he wanted to play Daddy and all he had to do was call an attorney and VIOLA, he's got the girls every other weekend. Once Brit's settled completely, she can go back to court and petition for 50/50 custody again and will likely get it, however being under a conservatorship, she's lucky that she's got any custody at all right now. Usually if you're not capable of caring for yourself, NO WAY will a court give you the opportunity to care for your young children. And that said, she's looking good. I can't condemn her for the smoking around the kids, because when my boys were little, I'd be outside smoking, and no matter how hard I'd try to get them to go to another area in the yard until I was done, they wanted to be on Mommy's feet. So, you hold the cig up high and blow the smoke the other way. Is it ideal? Nope. Ideal would be if I had quit altogether. However being unsuccessful at that, I did the absolute best I could, just as I'm sure Brit is doing. After all, like someone said, it's not like she's smoking in the house. And little kids will pick up ANYTHING that looks interesting. It's a parents job to tell them, "No no, that's bad for you, do not touch!" Just like Brit looks like she's doing to get that pack away from Jayden. I am not a fan of putting everything up high and out of a child's reach. I would rather put things where I want them and teach the kids what is OK to touch and what is not. That's how my parents raised me, and I never had so much as a burned big toe as a little tyke. My kids are the same way. I have had glass lamps, picture frames, figurines etc within grasp of small fingers their whole lives, and I've never had one broken. It's because when they go to touch it, I myself was right there to say "NO! That's not for you!" Gentle scolding teaches a WORLD of things. Okay, someone take away my soap box now? Please?
rpenner rpenner 9 years
Well I'm going to stay away from everything else and only say that BritBrit is looking good these days. And for everyone who keeps saying she needs to step it up and more work is required to get back that body - she is not going to be the same Britney she was when she was 17 or even 20. No one looks like that forever. Plus she's had 2 children people.
bubble318 bubble318 9 years
her body is looking more toned
jaxon jaxon 9 years
Under the conservatorship there was NO WAY Brit was going to get full custody...How many people have talked about her wasting the courts time? It has already been stated BY BOTH sides that once the conservatorship ends Brit plans to pursue 50/50 custody... I wish people would quit beating a dead horse... ..So gross to smoke around your kids What about her body is not toned? She man not be He-Man like Madonna but she is far from flabby
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
Glad to see her with the boys, even though this person is literally in her bushes.
GeriAnne1932 GeriAnne1932 9 years
I think it's disgusting that she smokes, regardless of with her kids or not. However, if I had the level of anxiety that she has, I would smoke too. Heck, these pictures were invading her privacy and blah blah, yes I know she "asks for it" going out in public and living a life as a celebrity and going outside...but, if I was being chased by people and had paparazzi always looking over my shoulder, I would need to constantly smoke too. This is the only time I will show compassion towards her. :)
ilikeatea ilikeatea 9 years
ilikeatea ilikeatea 9 years
"So she smokes around her kids... big deal. I mean how many of you drink, curse etc around your children. I bet a lot, but none of its being photographed so you get off Scott free." a) I would never do that around me kids b) Just because some people do it...doesn't make it right or that is it ok beahviour
outofhere outofhere 9 years
Whatever would we do without X17 to document Britney's life outside on her patio?
cashmere80 cashmere80 9 years
C'Mon!! You guys are all so judgmental!!!!!!!!!! There is NO WAY for you to truly know what goes on in her life and in her head based on a few pap shots. Seriously, its so easy to sit at a computer and "judge" someone you really don't know. Everyone who said anything negative needs to GET A LIFE!! You honestly can't know what it is to deal with a mental breakdown and CONSTANT public scrutiny unless you've lived with it. Have any of you? It's called compassion people. So she smokes around her kids... big deal. I mean how many of you drink, curse etc around your children. I bet a lot, but none of its being photographed so you get off Scott free. She is a young woman who is growing and learning everyday. Doesn't that count for something. I mean how many of you had your "shYte" together when you were her age? And then there is the whole other argument that maybe she shouldn't have kids. You'd all be judging her if she'd chosen another option. I mean SERIOUSLY.... Sometimes you have to take an objective look at life. I get that everyone is entitled to an opinion but if its small minded and mean why not just keep it to yourself? You may feel better, but you make some people feel worse...
hottinpink9021 hottinpink9021 9 years
What an adorable picture of her and sean! Love it ♥ Also her body is looking so much better! I honestly can't wait till her next album!
cherrygirl143 cherrygirl143 9 years
Good point pink.
supercharger5150 supercharger5150 9 years
I am glad she has time with her kids- it's a mother's right. But the kids playing with her cigs is sad. he's still trash.
Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 9 years
She is looking very happy!
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