Britney's Outfit Makes a Repeat Appearance, Kevin Gets Weighty

Britney Spears headed out for the second day in a row wearing her yellow turtleneck and bag in LA yesterday. While Britney spent the past year showing off her fit body in a vast collection of bikinis, her ex husband Kevin Federline is finally opening up about his much-talked-about weight gain. The season of Celebrity Fit Club starring Federline starts in a few weeks, and he talked about how breaking up with Britney led to the depression that played a part in his bulking up. Now, however, Kevin thinks things are in a much better place, saying, "I think as time goes on, it keeps getting better and better and better...I have come a long way. All of us have…my whole family...It’s gotten so much better from where we were." He also expressed his support for how far Britney has come since that difficult time almost three years ago.

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