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Who Would You Choose — Joe Jonas or Robert Pattinson?

A few weeks ago, Joe Jonas made headlines for breaking up with Taylor Swift and quickly jumping into a relationship with actress Camilla Belle. Though the two never made anything public, this week she was seen looking mighty friendly with Twilight leading man Robert Pattinson. Their lunch sparked rumors, but it could be nothing. Now tell us, hypothetically, if you had to choose between the two heartthrobs, who would you choose — Joe Jonas or Robert Pattinson?

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siguros siguros 8 years
Um, I would just rather him be with me. Yeah......
bellacullen14 bellacullen14 8 years
Rob Pattinson ofcourse! I loved him in Twilight!! I don't think the Jonas Brothers are attractive at all!
dnye dnye 8 years
Is there even a question? Obviously Robert Pattinson
ClearSkinDiva14 ClearSkinDiva14 8 years
Rob Pat is a beautiful man. When you see Joe Jonas, you see a boy. But when you see Rob, you see that he's a man. I prefer a manly lookin guy than a boyish one. So, if I had to choose, it would obviously be Robert :P :)
nicklover nicklover 8 years
nicklover nicklover 8 years
If they are actually something,I bet Joe is feeling pretty bad now! But,why cant't people just be friends when they are seen together? And, I actually think that Rob should get together with Kristen Stewart. I think they would make the cutest couple!
sunshiiineex sunshiiineex 8 years
Robert:) If you would have asked me the same question a couple months ago I would have probably said Joe Jonas. I'm pretty much obsessed with the Twilight books. I was a little worried about Rob Pattinson playing my beloved Edward BUT he did amazing. I'm officially in lovee. And what's up with those shorts , Joe? Aren't they just a TAD short?
RobertAndEdward RobertAndEdward 8 years
what kind of poll is this? Ofcourse roberts gunna win. Hello we are talking about THE 'Robert Pattinson' btw they are friends and have been forever, so its not gunna happen! Accept it!
CULLENizedKevinJ CULLENizedKevinJ 8 years
i love both but Joe is wayyyy more hot than rob! I mean Rob is handsome in the movie but he looks a little weird to me:)
adrianaaa adrianaaa 8 years
does this really even have to be made into a poll? duuuuuuuuuh rpattz is gonna win.
sharise09 sharise09 8 years
Rob Pattison to the MAX! Im sorry, but Joe Jonas just reminds me of a ditzy little kid, he puts on a act and tries to be cute but he really looks stupid.. hes just like "durrr", i mean look @ the picture! But, Rob Pattison he's so mysterious and you just want to know more about him!! Those are the kind of guys i like! [:
mywish22 mywish22 8 years
why is this even a question????without a doubt Robert!! Jonas doesn't even come close to the same level as Robert!
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
*delete repeated "than"
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
Who knows if they are even together... Personally, I'd pick Rob (though I dislike all that is Twilight). He seems more interesting than than Joe. Camilla Belle is lovely by the way.
chailce06 chailce06 8 years
if world chose only joe jonas or Robert P with me, i will deffo chose robert cos he only can make girl happy
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