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Photos of Carrie Underwood's Engagement Ring From Mike Fisher

Carrie Flashes Her Engagement Ring at Mike's Game!

Carrie Underwood's fiance Mike Fisher popped the question over the weekend, and she was already flashing her new ring last night in Ottawa! She joined two girlfriends for Mike's hockey game with the Senators, and her girlfriends seemed quite taken by her huge rock. Carrie was in the middle of telling a story to her pals, though they couldn't keep their eyes off her sparkly diamond. Mike and his team didn't end up winning their match against the Bruins, but he clearly has a reason to be excited despite the loss. Congrats to the happy couple!



Image Source: AP
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d_ford d_ford 7 years
healthbabe, hahahahahahahah
Amesabelle Amesabelle 7 years
Wow, a bunch of cynics out there about him cheating. I love the fake photo op. You know they just had a conversation where she says "Pretend like I'm just talking, but look at my ring. let's see how many tabloids this picture shows up on tomorrow."
healthbabe healthbabe 7 years
d_ford, don't waste your breath. While other countries take the time to learn about others, it's been well established that the "good old" US is self-centered and live in oblivion of the rest of the world. It's like being angry at a mentally challenged child for being mentally challenged. It's not the child's fault as he/she doesn't have the mental capacity to know any better.
healthbabe healthbabe 7 years
Guaranteed he'll cheat on her. Guaranteed
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 7 years
Congrats to them! Carrie is one of my favorite singers.
JAFederer12 JAFederer12 7 years
I guess the poster of Comment #17 is a negative person. Just perpuating a steotype about athletes aren't you? Then I guess you are one of those people who believes that the majority of athletes are cheaters/adulterers. Anyway, enough about that rant... Congrats to Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood. Wish them all the best and happiness God bless.
d_ford d_ford 7 years
I definitely care if Ottawa is spelled correctly. It is the capital of my country...kind of like if someone in Canada misspelled Washington D.C. Mike Fisher is a devout Christian and something tells me Carrie wouldn't marry someone who would do that. Not to say that Christian's don't or wouldn't cheat, but he doesn't strike me as a typical hockey player. I've heard that Carrie is a bit on the cold side in public but it's due to her being uncomfortable. Not that she's a bitch, but just quiet and shy in interviews, etc. Who knows what she's like in person, one on one. Congrats to Mike and Carrie!
jmast jmast 7 years
I think the cameras probably kept trying to catch a glimpse of her ring and she just finally showed it. She looks a bit flustered here like :ok here it is now leave me alone" that's just my take on it.
healthbabe healthbabe 7 years
Stupid women... don't marry, date, think of, look at, touch PRO SPORT ATHLETES!!! Nothing learned obviously from the likes of Bryant, Woods, Johnson, etc...
aistea311 aistea311 7 years
It is like she did it on purpose. :SICK:
mommy2one mommy2one 7 years
oh i am SO happy for her!! man she is too beautiful!!!! and what a ring! congrats
gd101 gd101 7 years
congrats! :)
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
lol, could she be more obvious...I like her so I will let the cheesiness of this gesture slide
Hockey-Princess Hockey-Princess 7 years
Her friends are just dying, hah hah...
girl21innyc girl21innyc 7 years
Holy rock, lucky girl!
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