Clive Owen Looks Good Enough to Eat

Clive Owen was suited up last night for the NYC premiere of The Boys Are Back. He doesn't share the screen with any big names, but he was joined on the checkered carpet by Miramax's president, Daniel Battsek. The screening was co-hosted by Bon Appetit, and it brought out stars from the cooking world like Emeril Lagasse and former Top Chef contestant Fabio Viviani. It looked like a fairly lady-less night for the group of guys, which works well to celebrate a film about fathers and sons.

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Images include: Clive Owen, Daniel Battsek, Fabio Viviani, Emeril Lagasse, Bill Terlato

Image Source: Getty
How? How can anyone say he is ugly?! He is old enough to be my dad...actually he is older than my dad and I can't see him as anything but gorgeous!
He does look yummy! :love:
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