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myfairlady myfairlady 9 years
The Ralph Lauren attire on our U.S. team on the opening and closing ceremonies were pretty cool though. Other nations said during the interviews when the Americans appeared they all look so chic and hot.
myfairlady myfairlady 9 years
China was great but I agree about its downfalls to come. Communism? Russia empire no more anyone? Im sure if America will be cruel to our athletes and wont them anymore lives outside the sport we will hog all the medals. They put the protestors in prison and the huge Christian community rejoiced when Pres.Bush attended one of the service. I can just imagine the religious persecutions in China too. The media already said London will pale to China. But remember the IOC is one corrupt organization just like the U.N.
MissAmyC MissAmyC 9 years
Yawn! Beck is beyond boring.
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
Well, I'm sure Britain won't bar the media from telling us about murders or other crimes that occur during the olympics like China has. I just can't wait until it's all said and done and we hear what REALLY happened. It's rather frightening how much they keep their people in the dark. Do they even KNOW what's going on in the world?
couture-yourself couture-yourself 9 years
I only really watched the men's swimming & women's gymnastics. I absolutely adore Michael Phelps, and watching him every time was amazing! And of course the women's gymnastics. I was SO excited when Shawn Johnson finally won gold!! With that said, a part of me is glad they're over. Now my DVR can be emptied from all the stuff the boyfriend recorded. haha.
mayfairgirl mayfairgirl 9 years
Britain has a lot of work to do if they want to wow the pants off the world. China - WELL DONE!
daise daise 9 years
I don't know about the American media coverage but I've been really peed off about the British media covergae. They kept on focusing on all the negative aspects of China as the Olympic host country, saying stuff like how there wasn't enough spontaneity etc. etc. Personally, I think they're just crapping their pants about being the next host country after what China's pulled off. So, the Chinese prove themselves to be a disciplined nation? I think that's something England can learn from, eso. after seeing their handover bit in China, it was DEFINITELY an anticlimax after China's feats. And to boot the mayor of London was trying to big England up by saying stuff like 'Columbus discovered the world' when if he bothered to do some historical research, he would realise that it was China who did it first because they had all these huge fleets of ships. ARRRGGHHH! Sorry guys for the venting but I've just felt like the British media have been putting China down at every turn!
lilflowa lilflowa 9 years
Usain bolt was definetely the highlight for me! LighteningBolt all the way repping J.A :woohoo: And I dont think ANYone can top China's oopening ceremony or Closing ceremony. No other country can justify spending £20 BILLION on the olympics! are you kidding me?? It was spectacular to watch but for a once in a life time opportunity thats insane amount of money which cannot be justified. Its just a shame London has to be the hosting country following China's, because regardless of what country was next....nothing could ever compare. So let the scrutiny on London begin......i know we got four years of it coming our way Anyway the Olympics was amazing!!!
Ginger Ginger 9 years
First time I've seen Jimmy Page in years. Didn't know he had all grey hair. But what a waste to bring Beckham half way around the world for such a small part in the ceremony. I guess they were trying to clump British icons old and new, which is ironic since Beckham has mostly lived outside the UK for years and Jimmy Page's career was built on being kind of anti-establishment.
hills hills 9 years
They should have sung we WILL ROCK you. god i thought exactly the same Nyara, it will def be i mean we're about a dot compared to most countries espesh china, but we have our own personality and pretty sure we will have a party, that's what we do best ;)
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
the closing ceremony was about 15 hours too long, The "kickoff" for london was really lame, did David really need an X where he should stand? Leona and Jimmy looked bored, the sound was HORRIBLE, the dancers were lame. god all around it was dissapointing.
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
DOWN WITH THE CHINESE WOMENS GYMNASTICS TEAM! I mean, I feel bad for the girls that WERE old enough and worked hard, but hey, I'm sure they KNEW their team mates were underage, and didn't say anything, so not a TON of sympathy
lindaloo lindaloo 9 years
Opening ceremonies, ALL the swimming and the Men Volleyball gold was awesome, especially because of their coach. The women's Chinese gymnastics team just makes me SO mad. And I now love me some Jason Lezak!
jtysgram jtysgram 9 years
Closing ceremony was a letdown and the kick off for England was so lame. The show of England was a cheap knockoff of the Beattles Love show I saw in Vegas. Im not happy with NBC so greedy to ESPN and also they are so quick to take out everything on youtube. How ironic we live in a high tech times where we can access everything yet the Olympics coverage was so limited. Back in the day the coverage was better despite its tech limitations. Ofcourse NBC didnt care because their ratings were big especially by Michael Phelps no matter how late he's on people tune in. TV and movie experts said he's even the reason the movies suffered a bit because people are more excited to see him win.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 9 years
The closing ceremony was AMAZING! Blew me away! I'm so proud of the British team! Evey single medal they won was my favourite Olympic moment! But I loved the men's swimming relay when Lezak won it for the US, Usain Bolt's two races + relay, the gymnastics (Nastia, Shawn...) & Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor winning the beach volleyball was amazing!!Bring on London, we're gonna rock!!!!
myperry myperry 9 years
I was very disappointed with Jimmy Page, Leona Lewis and Becks too. Sound was bad and all Beck's did was kick a ball and wave? London has to get their act together for 2012. Favorite parts were swimming and gymnastics but i'm also a huge Track & Field fan and was so disappointed that all we saw were a few track events. What about high jump, long jump, decathlon, heptathlon, etc? And then you couldn't even stream those events online. I have such fond memories of watching the Olympics growing up in Germany and seeing all the events & athletes no matter if German athletes were in them or not. Unfortunately in the US the only events that get shown are the ones with big name American athletes in them. Disappointing really because it does not truly reflect the spirit of the Games
usapatriot usapatriot 9 years
right link:
usapatriot usapatriot 9 years
Ceremony wise I love the 80's in Los Angeles,South Korea and now China. Memorable moments in Sports would be the relay team of USA vs France, so many Phelps moments, the redeemed basketball team,the U.S.ladies and men of the track and field,Bolt from Jamaica, the tragedy of the U.S. volleyball but in the end they won gold, USA women soccer,I hate for softball taken out of the games,how about the dominating teams of the U.S. beach volleyball both women and men,the surprising win for rowing,the women of fencing. So much to celebrate. Michael Phelps greeted by England fans kickoff of the England Olympics:
meowtomekitty meowtomekitty 9 years
My favorite one was the soccer matches, they were so exciting, AND SWIMMING!!
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
My lame ass parents didn't call until the ceremony was finished, they pulled that same shit for the opening ceremony. whatev, i'm going to have 2 watch it online.
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 9 years
I liked the Gymnastics best...I used to do Gymnastics myself so it was close to my heart :-P Also liked watching Phelps, of course...and I'm not even American!
CannavaroLover CannavaroLover 9 years
I don't know that there was one highlight of the games. Nastia and Shawn were amazing, Phelps - obvi was incredible, but our vollyball, fencing, basketball and track golds were just as impressive. I loved it all, opening to closing, it was the best 2 weeks of television I've ever seen. I agree babyshakes, the London kick off was totally anti climactic. Leona Lewis sang initially and then clearly is was prerecorded. Her outfit was odd, and I kept fearing she was gonna fall, though I'm sure she was securly harnessed, it was just off for me. And God...all the hype and then...NADA. he kicked a ball-'das it'?! I was completely dissapointed there. Why wasn't Cruz out there breakdancing or something?!!?!? SHEESH!
babyshakes babyshakes 9 years
Proud of the U.S. team...truly inspiring. I like Beckham but the London kickoff was corny and badly done.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
with all the hype around becks being at the closing ceremonies - that was pretty lack-luster. i was at a bar last night barely paying attention to the closing ceremonies. they weren't nearly as spectacular as the opening - although the tree w/ people -that was really cool.
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 9 years
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