Victoria Beckham brought her boys and BFF Eva Longoria to cheer on David as his LA Galaxy brought in their first victory since June with a score of 5-2 against DC United in Carson on Saturday. Even with a shaky record, the Galaxy were recently named the most valuable team in MLS, attributing its high popularity to Becks. Ticket sales aren't the only thing healthier since the Beckhams moved to LA, even Victoria is more fit than ever. She recently said:

  • On her new lifestyle: "I run four miles, seven days a week. I feel energised and healthy — there are really nice gyms here and I just enjoy it. […] David puts music on my iPod and Gordon Ramsay bought me trainers where you have a little chip so you can clock how far you’re running. I am eating more. I think you do eat more when you’re working out. And you want to eat healthily, so it’s good all round. […] I don’t really go shopping any more — apart from the flea market I go to every Sunday."
  • On her current lawsuit against a magazine that claimed she took diet pills: "Lots of young girls do look up to me, and I just think it’s ludicrous that they can completely make something like that up. You have to take these things really seriously."
  • On her success: "Things are really positive for me and I feel so content. I feel proud of myself because I’ve worked for it and, let’s face it, I don’t have to. I’m so content I’ve even been smiling a bit these days. [...] It feels fantastic that everything I’ve worked so hard for over the past five years is coming together. I’ve been on the covers of Vogue, I’m respected in the fashion industry, and Anna Wintour takes my calls."

With Anna Wintour on the phone and all her other success, life is better than ever for the Beckhams. Plus, it sounds like Victoria gave in to the healthy California lifestyle and she looks fabulous — though we doubt her days of shopping are fully behind her.

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