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rpenner rpenner 9 years
Kate definitely rocked the dress. I love it.
lisa101 lisa101 9 years
i have a monumental hangover and let me say as a brit its a birth right to get slooshed. goooooooooooo mosssssss
outofhere outofhere 9 years
lovely :oy:
lisa101 lisa101 9 years
im back and i think shes bad, in a good way
lorechic lorechic 9 years
she looks amazing in that dress!
milglamour milglamour 9 years
raieven raieven 9 years
I didn't know she wore extensions.
omlove omlove 9 years
I love the dress and she really can carry it off!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that it's great that we're seeing kate party just a little bit. i think that she's really turned things around in her life and it's ok to have a little fun from time to time!
pantalaimon pantalaimon 9 years
There's nothing wrong about having a good time. She's in Berlin and maybe partying with friends she doesn't see very often. What's bad about that? I like the glitzy headphones of the DJ. So girly!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
lol blob- I think Kate rocked that dress
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
The 'hair' thingy is gross.
blob blob 9 years
selma's cute - she probably looked better in it. i never fall down when i'm trashed but my makeup usually looks like caca
Dana18 Dana18 9 years
No mater what she does , she still looks great.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
and i think she does amazingly well for being drunk - ususally when I am trashed, i end up falling down and am not nearly the pretty sight she is! ;-)
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
blob- it was selma blair who also wore the dress (from the link, anyway)
treb treb 9 years
But seriously, I don't think she's aging well. She was interesting to look at when she was young but it doesn't translate well now, IMO.
treb treb 9 years
She looks like she smells like San Diego.
blob blob 9 years
cnyc1a - i guess we're the only party people here
cnyc1a cnyc1a 9 years
Whatever so she drinks. Everyone is allowed to get wasted if they want at a celebration, as long as your not an angry drunk, get behind the wheel, or a sloppy drunk. The weave falling out is pretty amazing. Goes to show we all need some embellishment to look our best
citizenkane citizenkane 9 years
blob, I think Posh wore it???
blob blob 9 years
at least drinking is legal. snorting coke ain't.
Sun_Sun Sun_Sun 9 years
tsk tsk
citizenkane citizenkane 9 years
Oh, totally forgot about that habit, too.....
tiabia tiabia 9 years
citizenkane, I was thinking more along the lines of her being a former addicted and all...but you know.
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