George Clooney brought Elisabetta out for the premiere of The Fantastic Mr. Fox at the opening gala of the BFI Film Festival in London today. The two were joined by good friend Cindy Crawford as well as George's costar Jason Schwartzman. At this morning's press conference, George joked about playing the father fox on-screen, even saying he's looking to have some kids of his own. He said, "I'm going to adopt some of Brad Pitt's kids. I owe him a few," and talked about how much fun they had making the movie, "It was like going to camp. We were out in the middle of nowhere on people's farms, doing sound effects and rolling around in the fields." George still knows how to deflect questions about his love life and settling down, but it seems like Elisabetta is becoming a staple red carpet date as he moves his way through three movie's worth of promotion before December.

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