No, I don't really think they're parading him . . . Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen shared a sweet moment on the beach with Jack in Costa Rica today. Earlier today we saw the little guy getting ready to hit the waves as a family. Meanwhile, I may have been jumping the gun assuming that since Jack is there, Bridget isn't angry about Gisele's quote. In fact her friend is still talking about how irate Miss Moynahan is. I doubt these photos — kissing, Gisele in a string bikini, holding Jack on the beach during their wedding weekend — are helping. This time the source said:

"Bridget has her own life, she doesn't need to be involved in the drama of all this, and she finds it disrespectful that her son is being paraded around in front of the paparazzi when she’s specifically made it a point of keeping him away from that. . . . I can count on two hands, in two years, the number of times Bridget has been photographed with that baby. I can count on two hands the number of times in the past month that Gisele has been photographed with that baby."

What's your take on this continued debate — are you still thinking it was Gisele who crossed a line, or should Bridget's friends respect the privacy she cares about so much and just let them be on their wedding weekend?

We couldn't resist: it's such a hot topic, anonymous comments are open on this post too!

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