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misssarah2008 misssarah2008 8 years
This is an example of the issue it causes, I do not see a problem with Ms Bundchen "loving" the child but her comments were out of place she is the Stepmother and his mother is alive and very active in his life. The problem Her confusion brings is you hardly ever see the child in gossip websites/newpapers, i guess that is her decision so Bundchen and her husband should abide by that and they needs to respect the mother. There is a reason courts are less likely to take a child from his mother than father.
ponyluv ponyluv 8 years
i think it's sweet that she can love his child that way. it IS her husband's son after all...what is she supposed to do...NOT love him? not like playing with him? not be affectionate? even if he is big enough to walk. kids sometimes get really clingy/cranky and want to be picked up despite being "able" to walk. i hardly see it as parading around, especially since she flew all the way to Costa Rica for their private wedding. besides, if she wasn't carrying him around, i'm sure there would be people that would say "geez gisele, just cuz he's not yours, couldn't you try to be a good stepmom??" can't win them all. :)
ilovehollywood ilovehollywood 8 years
Gisele is just showing the world that she is a good step mom.. but i'll be pissed off if i am bridget moynahan, because she is just parading the kid on her ex honeymoon!!..,.
graylen graylen 8 years
I think it's sad that people can't just let this kid have more than two people love him. How is this a bad thing? I seriously doubt the child is confused about who is mother is as he spends the majority of the time with her.
CarlyHP226685 CarlyHP226685 8 years
I'm pretty sure the kid can can put him down now giselle
RaeinLA RaeinLA 8 years
This chick has some nerve parading that child around. He makes me sick. He's no better than she is. Honey - THIS IS NOT YOUR BABY...
Snailgoop Snailgoop 8 years
She looks like she loves being a stepmom. Good for her and lucky kid. :)
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