Shrek Joins In on the Klum-Samuel Family Fun

Heidi Klum got her kids, nannies and mom together on Saturday afternoon for ice cream and a walk around NYC. She was rolling with a smaller posse later that day to take in Shrek on Broadway, heading backstage to pose for photos after the show. Seal is still off touring Europe, as Heidi continues holding down the fort stateside. Soon it'll be her turn to take center stage with Project Runway when it returns to the small screen with its new crop of designers.

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Image Source: Film Magic
She's a beautiful woman with or without makeup, but it does make me happy to see her more or less bare-faced. It's nice to know that supermodels are human, too. And I agree, I think their family is beautiful. The kids always seem happy and Heidi and Seal both seem like they love being parents.
I love plain jane celebs because it reminds haters they are normal people like us. What a lovely family.
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