Heidi Klum's Holiday Doesn't Include Angels

It was a family outing for Heidi Klum as she brought Johan, Leni and Henry out for an afternoon of holiday shopping at an LA mall on Sunday. Little Lou wasn't along for the trip, but she did fit in some quality time with Heidi, Leni and Santa last week. The Samuels are gearing up for their first Winter as a unit of six, but Heidi still manages to find space in her schedule to fit in her work. One thing she's isn't doing is joining her fellow Victoria's Secret Angels on their latest catalogue shoot, but Alessandra Ambrosio and the girls seem to be posing just fine without Heidi's expert guidance.

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I really like that she lets her kids be kids. No too grown up designer clothes and perfect hair. They look like kids who might actually get to have fun and get dirty and play with other kids. The whole family is so down to earth and refreshing. One would have expected a supermodel would have been dressing her kids in designer everything, but Heidi seems to enjoy letting them just be kids instead of mini fashion shows.
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