Heidi Klum and Seal brought their kids Leni and Henry to Disneyland yesterday for an afternoon of checking out all the rides. The family went last year around the same time also sporting their signature face paint to celebrate Seal's 45th though this time they're a little early for his 46th. Heidi and Seal have one of the cutest "how they met" stories in Hollywood and Heidi recently talked about what she loves about him. She said, "Seal always puts a smile on my face, too. We make each other laugh all the time. Laughing is good. I think it's very healthy for you to laugh out loud. I understand that life is not always just a smile all the time. But when you're facing problems, it doesn't make it better if you're kind of miserable." Heidi is headed to NYC soon for the Project Runway Fashion Week show and a little pre Valentine's Day fun with her family seems like the best way to prepare.

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