Photos of Heidi Klum at The Women's Conference and Very Sexy Makeup Collection, Quotes About Her First Pumpkin Pie
Heidi Klum Gives Us a Halloween Preview

Heidi Klum was ready for her favorite holiday in orange as one of the inspirational speakers at the Women's Conference yesterday. Today, she donned her fairy wings at a Very Sexy Makeup collection celebration. Heidi's kids love dressing up as much as she does, and as we wait for another Halloween with the Klum-Samuels, Heidi talks about making her first pumpkin pie and reveals her children's costumes. Here's more:

  • On baking her first pumpkin pie: "Last night I made my first pumpkin pie! I didn't have all the ingredients to make the crust, so we got all of the hard cookies out of the cabinet. Leni was hammering the cookies and then Henry got to the hammer the cookies. He made the crumbs. It was crazy, but honestly it was the tastiest one ever! [Seal] has not tasted it yet because he's not here. But I am going to put one in the freezer for him. He's not going to believe that I baked. I cook, but I do not bake!"
  • On her children's costumes this year: "Leni will be a bumblebee and the boys are both going to be Superman. Johan is completely easy, and he'll be anything. He doesn't care."

While she wouldn't reveal what she plans to dress as for her annual Halloween party this year, she's sure to wow us all on the red carpet, and hopefully we'll get a glimpse of the kid's costumes too.

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