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pxpxcutie pxpxcutie 8 years
I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...
creepupmytee creepupmytee 8 years
UGH TOO GROSS FOR WORDS. who is the blind man who 'talent-spotted' her!?!?!?!
Dana-Lou Dana-Lou 8 years
ick!!!!! I just vomited a little in my mouth. Tastes like rancid Heidi and Spencer!
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
There would be nothing to say if ya stopped posting articles about them...please stop wasting our time...thanks...
superkani superkani 8 years
i will puke! i hate them they are all i hate so fake i can't imagine someone can be so stupid...OMG
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 8 years
Come on.....why does EVERYTHING have to be a publicity stunt.
justlookaround justlookaround 8 years
i think she sufferes because she wants attention!
rainonme224 rainonme224 8 years
Enough of these losers already! I can't stand them or anything they do or even seeing them. Yuck.
sidra5397 sidra5397 8 years
I actually feel sick when I see them... I'm sneezing like mad, I swear!
sibalc sibalc 8 years
these two are unbelievably ridiculous
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
Agree with Moi and everyone, giggle sugar would be the PERFECT place for posts of these two jokers! I wonder what their parents think? Of course, they learned this behavior somewhere now didn't they?
moisville moisville 8 years
And oh, I like the gigglesugar suggestion - that's perfect!
moisville moisville 8 years
Consistently painful.
clooneywoman clooneywoman 8 years
"hey Barbie" "hey ken" "wanna go for a ride?" "yeah , sure"
Mary_Sofi Mary_Sofi 8 years
We are BEGGING you to stop posting about these two. I thought the poll indicated nobody wanted to know about them EVER AGAIN. Why make polls if you're not gonna take our opinions into consideration? My suggestion: post about these two in giggle sugar. Another context, another reaction.
Why are these two people given sooooo much coverage when OBVIOUSLY (from all of these posts) not ONE person wants to hear about or see them! Add me to that list - they make me cringe!
Advah Advah 8 years
GROSS! Can we please stop having pictures of these two's disgusting kisses?
nidomilo nidomilo 8 years
I admire her step brother who served this country. A ranger I believe. She gives Republicans a bad rep.
erniew erniew 8 years
has there ever been a more annoying couple? i watch "the hills" but seriously, these two are beyond lame. lose the boots, the shorts and the botox injected expressions. spencer is an idiot.
Dollylo Dollylo 8 years
Please, give us a break! :barf:
sergeantkero sergeantkero 8 years
right... candid huh? not so a candid picture for me. heidi montag makes me wanna GAG!
outofhere outofhere 8 years
Hi girls! I really try and stay away from these posts now, because really, I feel like my IQ goes downhill rapidly with each second looking at these two. Here is my poll just in case anyone else wants to participate. Pop is very aware of how we feel. The problem is we're in a vicious cycle. As I looked back on the posts today, all the other threads got roughly between 100 and as high as 4000 views (only a few were in that catalogy) But look at the post of these two nasties. 6,546 views!! :rant: There is no way that Pop is going to stop posting about them when they generate such high traffic. We keep coming back to tell Pop that we don't want to see them anymore but that just generates more traffic :irk: We can't win! Obviously there's a lot of people who look at these posts - I don't know who they are because the vast majority of us can't stand the sight of them. The only way is if we all banded together and didn't view or make a single comment for a couple of months but we all know that's not realistic. I think what infuriates me so, is the fact that indirectly I am giving these useless twits my money and attention by viewing these photos. 89% of the people that took the poll said they wanted Pop to stop posting about them. 89%!!!! Only 3% voted no!! ONLY 3%!!!! 89% of us said enough is enough. And yet this thread has gotten 6,546 views and my attention yet again. I guess we just have to face facts, they're here to stay. :sick:
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
"OMG LOOK AT ME!" attention seekers make me want to blow chunks.
ElectricMadison ElectricMadison 8 years
well, for as much as people hate them they sure provoke a lot of comments...apparently people are willing to expend energy on them...good or bad. Almost all the 21 pics in the gallery have comments on them...people look at their pictures and talk about them I don't think that they are any more stupid than all the other celebs who show up where they know paps hang out...they are just more blatant about it. I think it's kind of funny. It's campy, over the top ridic. At least Heidi is upfront about her fakeness, ya'll act like she's the only Hollywood ho with fake boobs, fake blonde, fake nose, fake life.
Lizzy-p Lizzy-p 8 years
Why popsugar! Why! Why did you need to make a post of them! They are the most annoying and untalented people I have heard. I don't understand why anyone from the Hills are famous. Anywayz, Gossip Girl is sooo much better! LOL
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